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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two Walkthrough La Poche Du Temps Cafe

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Welcome to Episode 2. If you are wondering if I'm going to continue an attempt at Noir walkthrough-ing- this episode doesn't really attempt to continue the tone of the first so I won't really be doing that. Sorry.

The game opens as Elizabeth sits at some sort of cafe. If you didn't know already, you play Elizabeth in this episode.

After you get control of Elizabeth you can begin exploring. When you get to a sign post just ahead you can go to the right. I wont be going that way with pictures, as there is nothing to pick up nor any story reason to do so, but if you want to explore you can go that way first. The walkthrough will be here when you get back.

When you're done head to the left. You'll notice, almost immediately actually, that Elizabeth seems to be in Paris. Everyone is really nice. Maybe a little too nice, if you ask me.

At the next corner head to the right.

Go past the motel and take a left. Continue down the alley.

At the end you'll get to a group of kids around a clown- Elizabeth briefly has a conversation with one of them (well, one sentence really).

If you look to your left, also, you'll notice a rabbit in the grass . You may remember another rabbit, but I'll leave that to you (I never found an explanation for them).

While heading to the left of the clown you'll come to a bookshop on your right. Go inside for a second.

There isn't actually anything you can do in here, but I just like this moment because it's almost like they are parodizing, a bit, something that the design of Elizabeth exudes. See if you can spot it.

When you're done in the bookshop take a right from the store.

At the end of the street take another right. You'll see a lot more people here- playing music, selling fruits and vegetables, etc.

To the left of the musicians you'll notice a small path you can walk through (you cant get around from anywhere else) between two vegetable carts.

Take a left on the other side of the vegetable carts and head towards the stairs.

You'll be stopped, briefly, as Elizabeth sings with a blue bird.

When the scene is over you can continue down the stairs and you come up on a salesman selling birds. There is a lot of symbolism in Paris. Hmm.

From the bird sales man take a right. You'll notice a little girl, just ahead, holding a red balloon (intentional reference? I don't know).

When you approach the little girl she turns around. Elizabeth recognizes her as Sally, the little girl you were trying to save in the last episode.

Sally ends up running away and the sky grows dark. Head around to the right at the stairs.

Then go up the stairs.

You'll see Sally again as she loses her grip on the red balloon (really seems like a reference but I don't know if it's intentional or not).

Follow Sally to the left and notice now the bookshop is on fire now. Very strange.

Head to the right at the end of the street. Elizabeth calls to Sally again as you head towards her down the path.

That lobotomy picture makes me uneasy. The windows also have strange things on the other side. Anyway, head up the stairs on the left.

It starts to rain now as Sally runs off ahead. Continue on.

At the crossroad, at the end of the street, take a left. There's nothing but a closed gate on the right.

After you pass the archway you'll come to a familiar door on the left with a red balloon sitting on the ground outside it.

Go ahead and enter through the door.

You're greeted by a more obvious symbol of Elizabeth's cruelty from the last episode.

As you look around (you do still have control) you may see the door first. If you do, keep looking to the left, and you should come to "little sister-ized" Sally standing on the staircase behind you.

It would seem, rightfully I would think, that Elizabeth is haunted by that choice she made in the last episode.

The scene fades to white and then Elizabeth awakens on a familiar scene.

There are strange men hovering over her, and one is taking Sally out of the vent. The man in suspenders is Atlas- if you recall he was the voice over a radio in the first Bioshock game and part of a major change in the plot (if you havent played the original Bioshock before, this game, as well as my walkthrough, will spoil most of it as it has major references to everything in that game all throughout).

Strangely, you'll also see Booker to the left sitting on a chair playing a guitar. If you recall Booker in this world is dead because Elizabeth killed him (you saw his body when you woke up). Booker tells Elizabeth what to say to get out of this mess.

Atlas makes a deal with Elizabeth, leaves her a radio, and then Elizabeth gets knocked out. She awakens to a transmission from "Booker."