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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two Walkthrough Return to Rapture

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On the other side, Elizabeth will commence negotiations with Suchong and he demands the sample be placed in a Pneumo container.

It's just under the screen behind the Lutece device.

After you complete this transaction Suchong goes radio silent- he probably won't hold up his end of the bargain. However, Andrew Ryan then contacts Elizabeth, and is not happy she is conducting business in his city without his consent.

He warns her to join him or face an oncoming swarm of his henchmen. She won't, thankfully, so you now have 60 seconds to set the room up for an oncoming assault.

If you turn around from the Lutece device you should see the front door to the Silverfin Restaurant. To the right of that door is a wood panel door you used earlier.

Once inside you can go to into that door that was on the right (you will need lock picks if you haven't lockpicked it yet).

Remember that there is a turret in here, but stay left.

Just past the turret on the back left side of the room is an upgrade you should pick up to upgrade "old man winter." I did not personally have use for this, and I believe it kills enemies, so it's up to you.

Head back out, and go to the right of the door to proceed upstairs.

I find it best to hide up here at the beginning of this assault as this is the easiest place to get the drop on the enemies that come in using sneak (peeping tom) abilities. I also didn't kill anyone in this episode.

If you look around the room you can familiarize yourself with your options. There are hooks, dark corners, and other places to hide.

The first enemy you will face is the flame Splicer. He teleports to you. You can use peeping tom to confuse him- as it turns you invisible. You will need to use darts to knock him out, though. It shouldn't be to hard.

There will be several more enemies down below. However, they are much easier to dispatch.

You just need to sneak up behind them and knock them out. I counted a total of four of these guys.

You will then be attacked by another fire Splicer, and then shortly after two more regular gun toting Splicers with helmets. You need to use darts to knock them out.

After that is over you can then leave. Head out the front door and to the right or left (it doesnt matter- they both go to the same place).

Take the stairs back down to the bottom and head towards the Securis door at the front of the restaurant.

Then use the code panel (the code should already be locked in from when you were here before) and the door should open.

While it's opening, Elizabeth discusses a way to stage a prison break for Atlas so she can conclude her deal with him.

After it opens head back all the way around to the VIP lounge that we went to before to open the secret compartment.

Go all the way through the entrance way and head up the stairs on the right side.

You will notice there are now more enemies here, some with helmets (so you cant sneak attack to knock all of them out).

There are also fire based Splicers here. Stay out sight, knock out who you can, while heading to the left.

Just like last time we are headed to the stairs in the far back of the lounge next to the bar area.

Take it slow, and stay low. Knock out any Splicers that get in your way.

From the bar area- if you find yourself on the side by the stairs- go forward to get to the stairs in the back that will be on the right.

Remember you can use the peeping Tom plasmid to remain hidden as well.

Head up the stairs at the back of the lounge.

There is a few enemies up here now (unlike the only one last time), but you only need to stun one and then book it right.

The elevator is in the back right side of the room.

Quickly get on the elevator and press the button.

Elizabeth talks to herself (Booker) for a bit and Ryan notices. He again offers to strike a deal with Elizabeth, but this is pointless. She doesn't trust anyone and Ryan is no better than Atlas realistically.

At the top head down the hall and to the door.

Be ready, once you go through here there is no turning back- you are basically heading to end game now which entails little to no more sneaking attacks or upgrades, and you will no longer be able to search around Rapture for secrets.

Once inside the room Elizabeth breaks it down for you.

Basically, though, you just need to move towards the model in the center of the room (there is nothing to search the room for so don't bother) and use it for her to climb up it and place the Particle. A lot of things will happen once this is done. Enjoy the oncoming scenes.