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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two Walkthrough The Room

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Elizabeth will awaken after the expected betrayal with a potato sack over her head obscuring her vision.

A doctor will give her some serum with the intent on making her talk, but it doesnt... it doesn't do that.

After some bizarre scenes she awakens again and Atlas says she's been out cold for two weeks. The sounds of a war are going on- it would appear he has launched his rebellion by this point.

Atlas attempts to torture Elizabeth into telling him what he wants to know, but Elizabeth doesn't know anything about what he wants.

Since he can't get her to break that way he attempts to torture Sally in front of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has a vision and "Booker" tells her what to do.

Elizabeth then tells Atlas how to get what he needs and offers to do it for him since he would not be able to get near the place.

After Atlas drops you off (in a seriously familiar spot) head towards the desk ahead.

Go around the front counter and to the door in the back.

Head through the door and down a very long hall.

On the other side of the next door go to the left of the prototype Big Daddy suits.

There is an Audio Log in some lockers around here .

Anyway, head towards another lab room room with schematics and charts on a chalk board on the left.

As you go through this room you will probably also notice the hair sample you got for Suchong in Columbia.

Move around the table and go up the stairs towards the Vita-Chamber prototype.

From there go left, up the stairs, and into the next room.

Inside the next room you will find a Big Daddy and two little sisters cowering in the corner. The Big Daddy is hurt, and Suchong has not figured out how to imprint the Big Daddy with the Little Sisters so they are still afraid of it.

Attempt to move the Big Daddy and Elizabeth will determine what is wrong with him.

Turn around, and head back out the door.

From the Vita-Chamber prototype head down the stairs and towards the chalkboard.

Behind the chalkboard is a note you need to read.

Then go back around the chalk board and into the room on the left. There is another note you need to read. Elizabeth will be able to figure out how to help the Big Daddy now.

Head back to the Big Daddy room and attempt to help him.

The Little Sisters will use some of their "Adam" which helps to restore the Big Daddy.

This also, inadvertantly, creates a connection between the Big Daddy and the Little Sisters so they are now friends.

Once the Big Daddy is with the Little Sisters you can go through the door that was blocked by the Big Daddy before.

From there head to the right and through another door.

At the window, turn to the right and go through the door that looks like a porthole.

This is Suchong's office. You can listen to an Audio Log in here.

You can also read a note from Tenenbaum. Ya, Tenenbaum- remember her? She was a big part of Bioshock as well but has very little to do with this story.

After finding out what a terrible person Suchong is (if you weren't already convinced of that) head back out and around the corner at the other side of the hallway.

You will see some Little Sisters walking with a Big Daddy (these are actually the ones you "imprinted") through a window in the room ahead. Go into that room.

Inside that room look to the right side wall and press the button.

This will open a secret lab where Suchong is being greeted by the Little Sisters we just saw.

After the ensuing stupidity by Suchong, you can head to the desk (the window will be smashed open). Don't worry, the Big Daddy doesn't have a problem with you. On the desk you will find the "Ace in the Hole" letter that Elizabeth needs.

Around the other side of the desk, and behind the Big Daddy, is the door you need to proceed through.

On the other side take a right and then another right (you don't need to go through the door on the left and besides I dont think this one opens anyway) where you will see a matress on the floor.

Inside that room there is a hole in the left wall by the matress. Go into the hole in the wall.

Then proceed around and out the hole on the left wall.

Head all the way down the long dark alleyway.

You can then give Atlas what he wants and see the end of this episode.

That's it. This episode was a really great way to send off the Bioshock series- in my opinion. As always, you can reach me on Twitter if you have questions (@cornbredx) and your Tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for reading!