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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 3: RAFFLE SQUARE

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Proceed towards the lady near the magician.

Take any ball from the basket of the lady.

Then magician selects a number as winner.

You are the winner.

Now press E or Q to perform the specific action as per your choice.

We throw at the magician but the police catches us.

Now we press V to kill enemies.

Now find your way to the monument island.

Search corpse for food items on the way.

Kill all the policemen stopping you.

Press V to Kill them using the weapon we got back.

Now press F to search the corpse.

Now keep moving to reach the stars.

Proceed this way to monument island.

Kill all the policemen on the way.

Press V to kill to kill all of them with the weapon.

As usual search the corpse by pressing F.

Later on proceed this way to get to the island.

You can search the corpse on the way.

Kill the police using the gun you got.

Now proceed forward to climb this.

Kill all of the policemen on the ladder.

Later search them and then Keep moving.

During shooting you can press C to sit and stand.

Press space to jump on the other side.

Shoot the machine using the gun.

Shoot continuously at it to kill it.

Later Press F to search it for weapons and ammo.

Kill all the cops on the way who hidden.

Look out for others at the shop.

Shoot all of them and later search them.

Then Proceed this way to the door.

Look out for policemen who are hidden.

Shoot at the machine shooting bullets at you.

You can Search the boxes for items on the way if found.

Later keep moving to get to island.

Search the corpse on the way.

Shoot the police coming on the way.

Reach the gate at the end of the road.

Walk through the gate to get to monument island.

Kill the cops present inside.

Look out for other cops who are hiding.

Chech the counter for silver coins in the shop.

Proceed this way to the gate at the end.

Take the phial of salts found on the way.

Reach the gate to get to island.

Press F to open the gate.

As we move inside the enemy firethrower is infront of you.

You need to Kill the fire thrower.

Now after killing go and take the vigor from the fireman.

Here is the vigor.We take it.

Later drink the vigor to get control of it.

Look at the tutorial to know how to apply the vigor towards enemies.

Then Proceed forward to reach monument island.

Press enter to accept the vigor.

Go to the gate at the end.

Proceed this way to the end.

Kill the machine shooting at you.

Shoot continuously at it to destroy it.

Later on kill the policeman who shoots at you.

Then Proceed to the stairs infront of you.

Climb the stairs to the top to reach the island.

Now we need to go through the door on the other side.

Press enter to leave area.