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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Data Mining

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Take a vehicle and go to the pipe after the ladder breaks head up to that pumping station and overload the pipes.

After that one head to the other pump station just coss-over the first one and go down.

Take the pathway to the end and overload the pipes.

Head over the ramp and to the other pump station and overload the pipes.

There is the station take a vehicle after you are done.

Jump over the ramp and fly into the pipe.

Follow the pipeway and go up the ladder.

Run two lefts around the corners and go to the next map.

Run over to the gate.

Enter here and be stocked up!

Be stocked up before you progress pass these tires.Then go all the way forward.

There is a little house in the middle to the right go in it and keep shooting Saturn.

Head up the lift where Saturn landed and run the road till the Constructor lands then run all the way back to snipe.

Take aim here to take out the constructor.

Head back after you took out the constructor and go up all the stairs.

Go access the terminal inside this room.

"OPTIONAL" If you want to fight the two constructors just head up these ladders.

Then run back to where you came in and there will be a Fast Travel Station.

Head back to Sanctuary.And turn in the quest.