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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Wildlife Preservation

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Travel to The Highlands-Outwash and continue the same way.

Now stop here and just run around to the right.

There is the next map travel point.

Continue over the bridge.

Continue through the tunnel.

Walk up the path and continue to the Preserve.

Walk over the rock-bridge and go talk to Mordecai.Then follow the quest path down.

Go and try to open the door.Then you must only DAMAGE 3 loaders,Just shoot them till a repair holograph displays above them.Then continue the path.

There is another Big Chest.Just aim up above the room.

And shoot that red barrel over there and loot..Then continue on through some enemies until you get a bridge.

If you jump you will encounter a badass elemental skag!

Continue along through these paths until you find a doorway.

Open the door and destroy the enemies and progress.

Run up here and be stocked up you are gonna encounter a few enemies and then a Super Badass Loader.

Continue down and look for bloodwing.

When you get back you wil encounter 2 Badass elemental skags!

Return close to the door and go through a passway that says STALKER.and progress to the stairs.

Run up the stairs and fight the waves of skags and robots the move through to a friendly loader through the door.

Then you go straight up the stairs and fight Loaders until you get a dropdown lift.

Enter the lift and be Stocked Up!

Aim for the head and don't use a weapon the same elemental that bloodwing is.

After you defeated bloodwing take the upgare from its neck.

Progress through the door and run back to the travel station.

Run up to DR.ZED's place and go right then you will find claptrap's place.give him the upgrade and then turn in the quest.