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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough A Train To Catch

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Run back around the corner to the fast travel station and go to sanctuary.

Go up to roland and speak to him.

After you spoke to him go to the gate and not the travel station.

Get a vehicle and drive to the travel point of Tundra Express.

You have to set 3 varkids on fire.LURE 3 varkids close to those fire pods in the circles, and shoot them on fire.

Then run around the big mountain to Tiny Tina.

Her one Badankadonk is located just above the edge just right of the entrance.

The second one is located around the corner at the back.

There is the second one at the back.

Bring them back to her and wait a moment.

Go through this path just outside of her cave and run up the ladder at the back.

Place and arm them and wait for them to blow up the train.

Just fight the paths to the boss.

"WillHelm BOSS he has only one critical point,his head.Just run around him and hit his head.He drops a power core which you can take back to sanctuary.

After you come back to sanctuary you go back to the Gate to Corporal Reise and replace the power core again.