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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough A Dam Fine Rescue

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"After she phased you just don't jump down to the right, just continue straight.

After you spoke to Ellie go drive around the area and look for enemies that drive around.

Kill them and take the parts.Then return to Ellie.

Talk to Ellie and repair the bandit vehicle and go to the Catch-A-Ride.

Choose the bandit vehicle with the explosive barreld and return to the Bloodshot place and honk again.

Fight off the Enemies and try to LURE Bad Maw by shooting him and running back but not very far,repeat untill he comes closer,then climb in the car and shoot him up!

Restock on ammo here.

After the first area cleared,there is a turret in the middle a far , take it out.Continue to Mad Mike.

Watch out he has a rocket shotgun.

After Mad Mike.You will see a shock barrier,inside these things are BIG Chest loots.

Continue on the path around the corner is a room on the left enter it.

Run up the starirs and fight the badass.

There is the switch that will turn off the shock barrier.,continue along the path but don't yet open the green door.

There is another Big Loot chest,run around the corner.

Climb up the ladder.

Jump on the pipes and run to that room.

Just flip all switches and the door will open.Now continue to the green glowing door.

Those are the criticals of the gun loaders.

Continue through the passage.

When you are here just run through the right.

"Those are the badass loader's criticals.

"Shoot the Constructor in the red Eye close up.USE everything on that eye close up.