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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough My First Gun

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"This is your hud in the beginning.

""Now press "TAB" to open up your quick menu.

"Press on the next icon next to Map.

""NOTE'This is only the one character's skills each character has a different skill set.

These are your Badass Ranks and Skills you have Mini missions that give badass ranks, as you get badass ranks the bar progresses and each time it completes you get one badass token which you can improve your abilities.

You can ether follow claptrap or run to that light off in the distance.

Now if you just ran you must wait for claptrap.

This is where claptrap lives and after he talks to you he will point you out to get a pistol which is in a cabinet.

The cabinet is in the Red Circle.


All these lockers and yellow boxes and dumpsters with those green lights on them are Ammo,Weapon,Item and money loots.

once you open one you can hold E to pick them all up in one go to save time.

use pistols ,assault rifles,shotguns,smg's for close up fire. "AND aim for the head for criticals."

When you get here switch to your sniper and snipe the bullymongs in their heads from afar.

"TIP" Dahl snipers are all burst fire when you zoom in and the rest are normal shots which come in automatic or bolt action."

Jump down to help claptrap up.

"This is the first Mini-Boss.

"Knuckledragger usually drops a Jakobs pistol which you can basically use till you get a better weapon.

"Take the shotgun but don't use it yet

Now turn in the quest by claptrap.

Then follow claptrap to go to Southern Shelf.

"Switch to the sniper when you get to the cliff and stay on top to snipe.

Watch out for these MARAUDERS they take you down fast and in Second Wind they run away from you.

After you killed them all go to Claptrap.After sir Hammerlock askes you to give claptrap's eye go to the Gun shop located in the red circle and if there is a fire weapon buy it if you can and use it.

You should check that you are selected on the quests that have the VAULT ICON like the one that says "Best Minion Ever" those are the main quests.

"Now after you made sure about the quests go and get Claptrap and FOLLOW Claptrap until you are directed to go another way.

Now just follow these paths along with Claptrap and kill the bandits.

These are "SLAG" barrels and they SLAG the enemies.When the enmies are slagged they take much more Damage.

These are "EXPLOSIVE" barrels and they do alot of area explosive damage once you shoot them.

These are "CORROSIVE" barrels and they do alot of melting damage to any type of ROBOTS.

Watch out for phyco's they run you down and Melee.

After you are done ,Climb on the ladder and Sprint and jump over to the LOOT Chest.

These chest are hidden everywhere and you should be able to see most of them.

Watch out for the Suicide Psycho's when the bridge drops.

"This is Boom and Bewm.

"When you killed Boom and Bewm get go to claptrap then get on Boom's cannon and shoot open the gates and the coming enemies.

Use your skillpoint you recieved after lvl 5 and press F to use it.

Claptrap is captured!Enter this path and follow it.

Here is claptrap after that last path.just kill the enemies kicking his brass and continue with him.

He can't go up any he is going on that platform and wait for you to go on.

Go up these stairs and fight your way up.

Claptrap will Rise straight ahead up that ramp after you pull the lever when you run up there.

after he leads you to this place. You should restock your ammo at this ammo shop here.

"This is the fourth Mini-Boss.

Run to the back to stay safe and shoot them from here.

He usually drops a Fire pistol which is very useful so take it.