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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Where Angels Fear To Tread

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Go to Claptrap's place and talk to him.

The Travel to Thousand Cuts.

This time you Go left from here and continue to the wall.

There is the Hyperion wall of death battle the path's waves and get to claptrap.

Talk to Claptrap and let him unlock the gate.There are turrets to the left side so take cover and shoot them.When you go further there is another constructor so stock up.

When you advance through the gate you are going to encounter more red zone missiles so run fast.

There are two turrets at the top and a Badass loader.

Run up to the first stairs and look for a Badass Constructor.

After it flies over run back to the containers behind the gate where the turrets where.

Snipe it from here with all your might! Dodge to the left for the missiles it fires!

After you Destroyed the Constructor you run up the stairs where it was.

Then you go to the Bunker.

Restock up here!

Defeat all the auto cannons they are even at the back of the building.

BNK3R BOSS "TIP" Shoot him with Weapons that are very accurate because of its rapid movement,Dogde and stay behind cover he fires large shock missiles."

After the BNK3R has lifted run up here first.And get a better weapon from that chest."TIP" You can also stay up there, there is good cover.

First shoot out its Auto Cannons.

Then you Take On that red eye's of it to do criticals.

After you destroyed The BNK3R, it will crash and drop a badass arsenal of weapons.

Return down the path you can to where it was blocked,It is now open and you can enter.

Head down to the core.

Open up the Control Core.

Shoot the Eridium injector in the middel of the Core.

Watch frequently for turrets that spawn there.

After Roland lowered the shields shoot down the injectors.

Turn in the quest

Restock Here and open the Big loot chests.