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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough The Talon Of God

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"Head to Claptrap's Place and speak to him.

Travel to The Dust.And head back to Eridium Blight.

Just outside the tunnel ther is this Door on the right,go through it.

Head right up that passage.

Get out and go talk to to Claptrap.

He will try to open the doors and you take out the enemies.

Look out for these two turrets.

After he opens the doors he can't go on so progress up and go to Hero's Pass.

Head up the path and fight you way to the gate.

At the gate you can follow brick again till he leaves.Then you fight the path till you get a badass constructor,Run back and take it out from a distance.Then go to the Vault of the Warrior.

Run down and take the lift down.

Stock up here.

Run down to Jack and when you can start so fight him go jump in the lava and die, JUST do it you will see why.

Don't jump down this time,Just jump on that rock.

Then jump on that one.

Slightly just manouver backwards don't fall off,then sprintjump onto the next one.

Now manouver slightly backwards.

And sprintjump over to the next one.

You can snipe and shoot from here... just watch out for the Volcanic Raks flying around.

Take out Jack even from close or at the snipe spot.

Its highly reccomended to shoot the warrior from the snipe spot.

No matter what spot just shoot the warrior in those Glowing Parts."TIP" when he goes down the lava goes up.

Shoot him in the mouth too.

After you took out the Warrior he will fall down and take the loot.

Call the moonshot to kill it GOOD!

Kill Handsome Jack and loot him GOOD!

Press E and find out..................After the mystery,just go out and you will have a new mode "True Vault Hunter Mode" Same level, same skills, same weapons you will not lose them.There will be harder Enemies but with much better loot and there is also