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Bully Walkthrough Chapter 2: Rich Kid Blues

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Go to the English room to begin the next mission.

Find botles of booze around the main building for Hattrick. One's in here.

Another is in the trophy case.

The last one is in the men's bathroom stall.

After you found the last one, take it to the bus where you'll find Ms.Phillips.

And that's it.

Go to the cafeteria to start the next mission.

Ride into town either with Edna's bike or another way you have.

Go to all the X's to get the items Edna will need.

Now ride back to the academy and give the items to Edna in the cafeteria.

And that's it!

Ride into town and to the movie theatre to start the next mission.

To clear the line, first, get rid of Gord by stealing his bike. As soon as you get on, go straight ahead and around the corner.

Next up is Eunice. You'll have to romance her, but she wants candy first. If you don't have any in your inventory, you'll need to get to a store.

Lead her into the alley behind the cinema, and you'll be done with that part.

Finally, just approaching Trent will make him run out of the line.

That's it!

Buy this shirt to get to areas that only preppy people are at.

To start the next mission, go to the boxing gym in town.

Just defeat each boxer by doing basic fighting.

When you beat all of them, you'll recieve the beach clubhouse as a prize!

Go upstairs the boxing gym to start the next mission.

The preps will give you eggs to throw at Tad's house. Head there.

Turns out it was a set up. Escape from there.

There you go done.

Wait for the next day and get to the theatre at about 4:30 to start your date with Pinky that you earned the other day.

Get to the carnival to meet up with her.

Do various games and get 10 tickets to get Pinky something.

Splish Splash gives you 3 tickets and doesn't cost much so that's my recommendation.

Go to the prize tent to get Pinky a bear.

Now go find her and give it to her.

And your date is finished!

Get back to the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

Get to the beach to compete in the race.

Just continue to acclerate and get ALL the chepoints and you'll win.

And there you go!

To start the next mission, enter the bike shop.

Gord stole your trophy so you'll have to ride down to the beaach with Ricky to get it back.

Just take them out with your slingshot.

And that should be it.

To start the next mission, go to the Yum Yum Market.

Ride your bike to Tad's house

When you get there, find every window that's open at his house and throw an egg in all of them.

Then escape outta his house. And you're done.

Go to the pier to start the next mission.

Get to the boxing club.

You'll have to beat up the preps again. just basic fighting.

After you beat Bif, go upstairs and into the office to beat up Derby.

And that'll be the end of Chapter 2...