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Bully Walkthrough Chapter 5: The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15

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Go in the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

Skate, bike or ride the bus to the City Hall.

To get on top, climb the ladder that's on the right of the building.

When you get to the top, tag on the city hall wall.

Now get down the the streets.

Then take a picture of your tag from the street.

Now return to your dorm.

That's it!

Head to the library for the next mission.

This mission is really easy, All you have to do is spray all the rats out of the library.

And that's it!

The next mission is at the entrance of the gym.

Get the fire extinguisher to put out the fires.

The guy should be at the girl's locker room.

And that's it.

Go to the New Coventry entrance to start the next mission.

Travel to the asylum to find Johnny.

Climb the tree to get over the fence.

Sneak over to Johnny's cell to talk to him.

Go find the laundry room to get a uniform to break Johnny out.

Head to the control room now.

Open the cell doors with the panel.

then run to where Johnny is to help him get outta here.

And there you go!

Go to Zoe's house at the Blue Skies Estate to start the next mission.

Bike over to the hardware store to get Zoe her tools she needs.

The tool should be in the alley.

Now meet her in the Old Bullworth Vale.

To complete the revenge on Mr.Burton, destroy the other portable bathrooms so mr.Burton goes to the one Zoe has for him.

When you're done, go back to where you met Zoe.

When he gets in the bathroom, ram the portable bathroom with the tractor.

And you're done!

Go to the gym office upstairs to start the next mission.

To see why the greasers took Derby's trophies, go to their hang out in New Coventry.

They deny any involvemnet and tell you it was the townies. So go to the warehouse where they're at.

Find them and take a picture of what they're doing.

After that, get to the docks.

Now when you get there, take a picture of the stolen trophies.

Then get back to the gym.

And thats it!

Skip to the next day.

Well, you're expelled. But you still have your dorm and more missions to do.

Go outside of the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

You'll need to get backup so go to Russell's house to pick him up.

He'll agree and you'll have to follow him.

Go to the X's on the radar to restore the power.

After that, get to the Red Star building.

Then you'll have to find a way to the chem plant.

There'll be a fence to open so go to the switch to get it open.

Now you'll have to find Omar who has the keys.

Once you get the keys, open the door to get in.

You've got to follow him down by climbing along the pipes around the edge of the silo walls. Be very careful not to fall, as you'll need all the health you can manage for the upcoming fight with Edgar.

Use the spud gun to knock Edgar off his feet, then hit him with firecrackers (or the slingshot if you need to save ammo).

Keep your guard up.

After you defeat Edgar, that'll be it for the mission.

Head to Zoe's house for the last mission.

Get to the Wonder Meats Factory to get Russell.

Keep going or you'll be caught.

Once you find him, get outta there!

You'll have to find all the leaders of each group and take them out.

Nerds are in the gym.

Preps are in the Harrinton House.

Jocks are in the library.

The greasers are in the Girl's Dorm

After you defeat the last leader, meet Edgar in the main building.

Then Gary will be there...

He'll run away and you'll have to chase him.

Then you'll have the final battle. Any combo will do. Gary isn't a hard boss at all.

And you'll do it! The school is going back to harmony and you're the eader.

And now, Zoe likes you c; thanks for looking at my walkthrough, glad I could help. Game on!