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Bully Walkthrough Chapter 3: Love Makes The World Go Around

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Go to New Coventry to start the next mission.

Climb the ladder to get a good position.

Hit 10 townspeople with snowballs for Rudy.

And that's it.

Wait at this alley in New Coventry until 6:00 to start the next mission.

First get to Town Square.

Destroy the snowman for Rudy.

Make sure there's only one Santa in this town!

And that's it.

To start the next mission, wait for the next day and the Principal will want you in his office.

You'll recieve a nice gift from your family.

Go inside the Auditorium to start the next mission.

You'll have to be in a musical...awesome xD its just like music class if you;ve attended it. just press the buttons exactly when they're supposed to be pressed.

And you're done!

Go to New Coventry and wait til 12:00 for Rudy to start the next mission.

Go around town and pick up the decorations that are X's on the radar.

After that, go back to Santa.

Then take a few pictures for Santa with kids on his lap.

Go to the entrance of New Coventry to start the next mission.

Head to the X's on the radar to get in position to take pictures of Lola and Gord being together.

When you've gotten the pictures, go back to where Johnny is.

And you're done.

Go back to the entrance of New Coventry to start the next mission.

Go find Gord who's in town.

Then lead him to the bike park.

Help Johnny beat up the preps with your slingshot.

And you're done.

Go to the library to start the next mission.

Find Cornelius by following the X.

Protect Cornelius from the greasers when you find him.

Then go back to New Coventry where Algie is.

You'll need to hold off the greasers since they'll ambush the nerds.

Then escort Algie to Earnest.

And you're done!

For the next missionn, go to the Harrington House on campus.

Go to New Coventry.

Go spray graffiti on the wall that has the circle next to it.

After that, go to the market to buy spray paint.

Then go to differet X's on the radar and tag on those locations.

And you're done!

Head to the entrance of the Blue Skies Industrial Park for the next mission.

It'll be another race. Again, keep accelerating and getting all the checkpoints to win.

And that's it.

Go back to the New Coventry entrance to start the next mission.

Head to the Tenements, marked as the yellow X on the radar.

Find all of Lola's items.

One's here.

Second one is here.

There's the third thing.

Norton will interrupt your exploration. Use long range attacks to defeat him.

After he's defeated, grab his sledgehammer to destroy weak structures.

Another item is here.

And the last thing is here.

After you've gotten all the objects, leave the tenements.

Then ride back to where Lola is and return her items.


Go back to the New Coventry entrance to start the next mission.

Find Peanut.

Once you do, chase him.

Beat up the greasers so you can get through.

Then after the greasers nearly get you, the cops will come. Outrun them.

You'll get to the junkyard where the final battle will begin.

Johnny's still on his bike, and will circle around the arena while the greasers around the top will throw eggs, stinkbombs and firecrackers at you.

The most important thing to do at the start of the fight is to take out all the greaser lackeys with your slingshot, for two reasons. Firstly, they'll pelt you and make it harder to concentrate on Johnny; secondly, and more importantly, when they're out of the way Pete will be able to get to the crane and activate the magnet.

Once Johnny is out of his bike, just beat him with long range attacks and basic fighting.

And that is the end of Chapter 3...