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Bully Walkthrough Chapter 4: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, and Other Lies

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Head to the library to start the next mission.

Find a couple of nerds to ask about where Earnest is.

Thad will have a key code, get it outta him.

Then open the door and advance.

You'll have to destroy the transformer.

Then, get on the potato cannon.

Destroy the observatory doors with it.

Then, head inside.

When you break the first gantry, Earnest will move to the left onto another gantry, from which he'll start throwing bombs at you. Again, take out the pulleys and Earnest will move onto the final platform. Hiding behind the pillars won't necessarily protect you from the explosions. The firecrackers will also erode the pillars, which you need for cover in the next section, so try not to take too long on the second gantry.

And you're done!

Head to the library for the next mission.

Get to the Carnival's funhouse.

Meet the nerds there.

Protect the nerds.

Lead the nerds out of the funhouse now.

Go to the right to get to the control room.

Activate the controls so the jocks wont get to the area.

Now find the nerds.

Once you found both the nerds, find a way out.

When you get to this room, disable all the miners.

Then follow the nerds to get out.

And that's it.

Head to the Observatory to start the next mission.

Find Mandy and take pictures of her.

One picture will be at the gym.

Another at the Girl's Dorm.

And one in her room.

Then go to the library to give them to Earnest.

And that's it.

Head back to the observatory to start the next mission.

Run to the barricade.

Destroy it with the spud gun.

Then go on the spud cannon when you get to the observatory and prevent the jocks from coming in.

And that's it.

Head to the observatory again to start the next mission.

Go to the football field to annoy the mascot.

He'll get so annoyed taht he wants to do an actual fight with beat him up.

After that, take his outfit. And that'll be it.

To start the next mission, head to the gym.

You'll have to head to all the X's on the radar and tag on them

Once you're done, meet back up with Mandy.

And there you go!

Go to the observatory to start the next mission.

To get one of the nerds to open the gate, you'll have to do a dance.

Then go to each of the X's and talk to the nerds.

Each of the agents will have tasks for you to do. Do each of them to mess up the big game.

And that'll be it!

Then a boss fight. Ted, the lead quarterback, will throw balls to you. Dodge them and throw them at the other players going after you.

After you take out the defensive line, they'll start cmoing after you. Beat them up.

When you're done with the players, go for Ted!

Thats the end of Chapter 4...