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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #8 - Exodus

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Follow the street until you reach an enemy-held tollhouse guarded by a sentry gun.

Press 4 to activate the laser sights and mark the sentry gun to get destroyed.

Use the Stryker as much as possible for a much easier progress. And do not forget to defend it from any enemies that are using the RPG.

Once you passed through the tollbooth, use the Stryker as much as possible to descrease the number of enemies in the neighborhood and houses.

Head through the house to get out on the other side.

Once you reach the golf course, use the Stryker to destroy the sentry guns and the tank.

When you complete the first objective, you will have to head over to the house where the C-130 Hercules plane has crashed into.

Go inside and secure the HVI (High Value Individual) from the panic room.

You will find the HVI dead in the panic room with a briefcase next to him, pick it up and leave the panic room.