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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #5 - Takedown

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When you're getting attack by the first enemy, press 'Ctrl' to get down.

Taking cover.

Get out of the car and start following Captain MacTavish.

Shoot the bad guy in the leg, but be careful not to kill him.

Watch the cutscene.

Follow your teammates upstairs.

Jump down and take cover behind the cars.

After you killed all of them, head straight through the alley.

Turn right and then left.

Turn right once again at the end of the alley.

Head to the little house ahead.

Watch out for the enemies shooting through the windows.

Go on the other side through the house.

Watch out for the dogs behind the fence.

Once you're done killing the enemies on the roof and the dogs, take out the bad guy that's around the corner and turn right, upstairs.

Turn left and go upstairs.

Turn right or go upstairs; your choice. Both ways lead at the same place.

Turn right.

Watch out for the enemies inside the house.

Once you're done with the enemies inside the house, keep going straight and turn left.

Go upstairs and enter the house.

After you've entered the house, climb up the stairs to get on the roof, but be careful, there are lots of enemies on every other builiding's rooftop.

Once you've dealt with them, keep going straight.

Turn right here.

Go upstairs, head right again.

Kill the rest of the enemies.

Turn right around the builiding made out of bricks and go upstairs.

Watch the rest of the cutscene.

This is the end of the 5th mission.