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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #2 - Team Player

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Join your teammates and start defending.

Keep an eye out for the enemies on the bridge and take them out as fast as possible.

Head to the stairs next to the small builiding.

Go upstairs.

Get in the SUV.

Start shooting the bad guys on the roof.

Watch out for the enemies in the pickup trucks.

After getting hit by the RPG rocket, get inside the building in the right as fast as possible.

Once you're in, head to the stairs at the end of the hallway. Be careful! There are some enemies on the stairs and on the top floor, waiting for you.

After you killed them all, head over to the window.

Jump out the window and follow your teammates into the builiding on the other side.

After you killed all of them, head to the stairs and go on the next floor.

Once you're on the top floor, follow your teammates and take cover when attacked.

At the end of the hallway, take it to the right and watch out for the enemies poking around the corner.

Kill the enemies.

Head inside the classroom and go around the cyan&white pillar.

Kill the remaining enemies and then turn left at the end of the hallway.

Exit the builiding.

Keep going straight.

Turn right at the end of the road.

Shoot some bad guys.

Go around the fence.

Go through the tunnel and turn right.

Follow your teammates.

Through this little tunnel.

This is the end of the 2nd mission.