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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #6 - Wolverines!

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Follow your teammates.

Throw a smoke grenade at the tank.

Follow your teammates through the smoke.

Clear the alley of any remaining enemies.

Clear the gas station.

Follow your teammates to the restaurant.

Climb the ladder behind the restaurant.

Place some claymores next to the ladder.

Kill the incoming enemies.

Once you're down, climb down the ladder and head to the new objective.

Throwing 2-3 grenades inside before entering the place would probably be a good idea.

Press 'F' to pick up the Predator Drone control.

Hide somewhere safe and press 5 to activate the Predator Control.

Press left mouse button to fire a missle, control it with your mouse.

Head back to the restaurant.

Protect the VIP while heading back to the fast food restaurant (right).

Once you're inside, activate the Predator Drone once again.

Head back to where the objective indicator tells you to go.

Pick up the Stinger.

Take out the helicopter with the Stinger.

Head back on the roof and take the other Stinger and use it to take down the second heli.

Head to your convoy.

Get inside the truck. This is the end of the 6th mission.