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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #3 - Cliffhanger

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Use your Left and Right Mouse Button to climb, but don't hold them for too long or the ice might break and you will fall off the mountain.

Wait for Captain MacTavish to jump, then start sprinting and as soon as you reach the ledge jump and hold down both; Left and Right Mouse Button.

The ice will break as soon as you land on the side of the mountain, but don't worry, this is a scripted event.

Captain MacTavish will save you.

'Press 3 to activate heartbeat sensor.'

Follow Captain MacTavish.

Take out the enemies.

Once you split up, you will have to go to the objective indicator. Keeping a low profile is also important, since this is pretty much a stealth mission. You do NOT want to get attacked by enemies coming from every direction.

Take out the guy sitting next to the builiding's entrance.

Get inside and take out the bad guy.

Wait for the SUV to leave, be careful, you don't want to be seen by it.

Now you're good to go.

Wait for them to leave and be careful not to be seen by any of them.

Once you've reached the fuel station, press 'F' to plant the explosives.

After you've planted the explosives head over to the marked objective and stay low.

When you reach the hangar, turn right.

Keep going straight, at the end you will see a canal, jump down and take it to the left.

Meet up with Captain MacTavish and enter the building.

Once you're inside the hangar, go upstairs.

Retrieve the ACS and head back to the stairs.

Stay low, so you won't attract any attention to yourself.

When they start counting down, detonate the explosive on the fuel station to distract them.

Follow Captain MacTavish out of the hangar.

Run to the military base exit.

Shoot the guys behind you.

Grab a snowmobile and head for the objective indicator.

Try to avoid the trees.

After you make the jump, you'll met up with your teammates.

This is the end of the 3rd mission.