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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Mission #1 - S.S.D.D

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Pick up the rifle on the table and turn around.

Start shooting the targets.

Turn around again, pick up a few grenades by walking in front of them.

Throw a grenade at the targets.

Once you're done, turn again and keep walking straight towards the objective indicator

Once you're there, turn right.

Head downstairs.

Pick up the pistol.

"Press 1 or 2 to switch to your primary weapon."

Once you've chosen your weapon, turn right.

Start shooting the bad guys, try to be as fast as possible. Once you're done start Sprinting to the next stage of the Training Ground by pressing 'Shift' on your keyboard.

Watch out for the civilians! You'll get penalized by accidentally hitting them.

Head inside the builiding.

Clear the builiding of any bad guys left and move upstairs.

Press 'E' to melee.

Jump down.

...more bad guys.

Last one remaining.

Once you took out all of them, start sprinting for the finish line by holding 'Shift' on your keyboard.

Turn left.

Head upstairs.

This is the end of the first mission.