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Mission 1 - Operation 40

After the opening cutscene, follow Woods outside and use the grenade launcher to quickly destroy vehicles.

Stay in cover to avoid enemy fire, then follow Woods to the alleyway to the car.

After the car cutscene, repel with Woods down to the base below.

Follow Woods down the hall providing him covering fire. Kill anyone in your way.

When you break down the door you'll be in slow-motion action scene. Kill all enemies inside.

After the first slow motion action scene, you'll be in another one. Aim for the head, but watch out for the hostage when Castro falls dead.

Make your way to the next checkpoint. Use the left side of the doorway for cover, or go up to the sandbags ahead to pick up some heavy weapons, like a rocket launcher.

After defending your teammates for a while, sprint to the plane waiting for you at the hanger before it leaves without you.

Concentrate on red fuel barrels and vehicles to make the most damage. Then jump out the airplane and k

Mission 2 - Vorkuta

After the cutscene, follow the rest of the prisoners through the shafts using your knife on any guards that try and attack you. Then, wait for the prisoners to die in a hail of bullets before you head outside.

Protect Reznov and Sergei as they push the cart. Make sure you stay behind the cart as the mounted LMG will tear you to pieces.

Make your way to the next checkpoint and go to the roof. Use the bottom of the targeting reticle for an direct hit on the targets labeled "Target".

Continue making your way to the checkpoint following and protecting Reznov.

Continue making your way to the checkpoint. Beware of ammo as you picked up the weapon from the ground.

Once making your way to the checkpoint, pick up the harpoon and shoot the helicopter with it, taking it down.

Follow Reznov to the next checkpoint, always keep an eye on your ammo.

Continue to fight your way to the next objective and look for better weapons on soldier's bodies.

When the door is breached, see if you can't unload a few grenades into these enemies.

The minigun is great at cutting down vehicles as well as troops.

Your shotgun becomes crazy powerful for this short motorcycle riding scene.

Hold off the enemies long enough for the cut-scene to kick in which will end the mission.


Misson 4 - Executive Order

After following Woods and getting into your disguises make your way to the next checkpoint. Once your disguises are compromised the fighting will begin.

When approaching from a stairwell, peak out just enough to have a clear shot.

The crossbow with explosive bolts becomes your weapon of choice while protecting Bowman and Brooks.

Crash through the window and wipe out the enemies before your comrade is killed.

Choose the right time to advance further through the facility, like, when the enemy is reloading. Then make your way to the next checkpoint.

Plant the charge on the marked wall, back up, and detonate.

Pick up the valkyrie missile and destroy the rocket, you only have one shot. Make it count.

Continue to the next checkpoint and kill any enemy that gets in your way. Hoorah!

Approach with caution to the last checkpoint which will make you kill dragovic, ending the mission.

Mission 5 - S.O.G

Battle your way through the trenches as you proceed towards your next objective marker.

Traverse a number of obsticles and continue to fight off the enemies with Woods and Hudson.

Use the rocket launcher to take out the T55 tanks.

Provide covering fire while Woods kicks the first barrel down the hill.

Interact with the other barrels to light up the trenches below.

Proceed up the hill firing on the enemy as soon as they come into sight.

Control the missiles to navigate around obsticles so you can hit the tanks. After the tanks are destroyed, the mission will be over.

Mission 6 - The Defector

Take care of the enemies from this high vantage point before continuing down the stairs.

Make sure you clear out the enemy troops from above before dropping to this lower level.

Go to the checkpoint marked on a shell shocked soldier then take the radio from him.

Escort the armored vehicle through the streets.

"Stay in cover when calling in air support.

Dragon's Breath can clear out a hallway of bad guys in no time at all.

Use explosives to quickly take out enemy troops moving on your position.

Use air support on the enemy tanks.

Mission 7 - Numbers

Follow the checkpoint up the ladder then pick your weapon from the nearby weapon stash. That's ALOT Of guns..

Keep your distance as you pick off the camping enemies.

Again, take out the campers using your long ranged weapons.

Load up on your favorite long range weapon from the weapon locker pictured to the left.

The Dragunov IR will show head signatures making it easy to spot the enemy sniper positions.

Move through another apartment section.

The China Lake works great to dispatch enemies as they are huddled by the doorway.

After a cutscene of saving the doctor from falling, jump down the building and get into the van, there will be another cut scene which will end the mission.

Mission 8 - Project Nova

Proceed down into the base and meet the Germans head on.

"Press the attack into the fortified positions.

"Continue into the radio control building.

"Toss grenades to force Germans to scatter from cover positions.

"Use the smoke grenades to mark targets for mortar fire.

"The sniper rifle works great to pick off enemies using mounted machinegun placements.

"You'll find Steiner hanging out by himself.

"Shoot the V2 clamp to create a walkway topside.

The Russian and British troops will be too focused on each other to care much about you. Repel down off the ship which will lead you into a cut scene, ending the mission.

Mission 9 - Victor Charlie

"After escaping from the chopper, move up the river bank eliminating enemy troops.

"Plant C4 charges are the marked areas under water.

"Detonate the explosives and get ready to move through the enemy base.

"Look down your sights for the most accurate shot.

"Use the M202 to quickly eliminate enemes at this location.

"Pick off enemy troops stationed in houses and on rooftops.

"Eliminate the heavy machinegun position and continue forward through the village.

Be quick with your trigger finger because some of these enemies pop out of nowhere.

"Climb your way out to safety and end ths mission.

Mission 10 - Crash Site

Take out your targets from a distance. You won't want to be in range of the weapons -- your boat can't handle that much damage.

Guard towers are priority targets since they fire rockets that can severely damage your boat.

Aim just ahead of the enemy boat so your missiles will land on target.

If you're having trouble spotting where the enemy is in the bush, look at where your platoon is firing.

Your best weapons for this section are either a sniper rifle or grenade launcher. After killing all the enemies you will end the mission.

Mission 11 - WMD

After using the SR-71, stay crouched for accuracy and keep your sights on the doorway and windows.

Move through this area and clear it of enemy hostiles. Once you do that, set the explosive charge.

Break through the window and take out as many troops as you can in this bullet time sequence.

Use the crossbow to silently take out the enemies in the garage, remember not to use explosive bolts!!

Listen to the SR-71's pilot to let you know when to expect enemies to approach your location.

When the bridge breaks, quickly sprint and jump to the other side. Then run against the avalanche, jump off the mountain and parachute onto the ground.

Tear through this base. Don't worry about being quiet any more.

Take out any nearby troops who are close to your escape vehicle.

Concentrate your fire on enemy vehicles to cause some significant damage.

Mission 12 - Payback

After playing russian roulette, kill the enemy who killed Bowman and then with your AK47 sweep through this area eliminating all enemies.

Continue to the checkpoint till you get to the helicopter, eliminate key defensive structures before they shoot you down.

Some targets will be hard to reach and will require some finesse in your shooting ability.

Weave back and forth to avoid being attacked by the Hinds. Use your canon instead of the missiles to shoot them down (missile are not very accurate).

Push through this last enemy stronghold and free the prisoners.

Continue killing the rest of the enemies then after a short cut scene, the mission will be over.

Mission 13 - Rebirth

After the opening cut-scene, open the door to the crate and kill the guard to obtain his weapon, a hatchet. Continue to follow Resnov along the rooftops.

Follow Reznov to the elevator, open fire and let the chaos begin.

Continue following Reznov sweeping the area. Watch out for enemies who are firing on you from a high vantage point.

After the cut-scene is finished you'll be in control of Hudson. On the LMG kill all enemies in your way.

Continue at the weapon controls until a brief cut-scene will throw you from the vehicle and you'll be surrounded by Nova 6 gas. Your mask can only take set hits. So beware of your health and continue sweeping the area.

Use your sniper rifle to pick out the enemies through the cloud of Nexus 6.

Pick up the rocket launcher from the ground, lock on and fire upon the enemy helicopters.

Make your way to the next checkpoint. Use this vantage point to fire on the enemy troops below.

Continue making your way to the next checkpoint killing all guards in the facillity, after a short cutscene, the mission will be ended.

Mission 14 - Revelations

You can't die during this section, you just have to follow the waypoint each time it changes until you finally come to the end of the level and the revelation of where the final battle will take place: Cuba.

Mission 15 - Redemption

After the opening cut-scene you'll be in control of the helicopter. There will be a number of priority targets for you to destroy on the Rusalka, which are all enemy weapon placements. Provide covering fire for Weaver and his squad.

After killing the enemy chopper, make your way to the checkpoint in the helicopter, there will be a cutscene, then make your way to the next checkpoint killing all enemies in your way.

Make your way to the next checkpoint, be sure to stay in cover at all times.

Make your way to the valkyrie missiles.

Pick up the Valkyrie Missiles and destroy the enemy choppers.

Use the tactical advantage of height on your enemy when you can. Then make your way to the next checkpoint.

Keep your gun at the ready when traversing the water streams. It will be hard to aim at enemies when the water is bursting in.

Make your way to the final checkpoint and follow the on screen commands to kill Dragovic.

Congratulations, after a final cutscene, you will have completed the game.