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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #11: 1:30 To Hell

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You will start off in a forest, in the middle of the night.

Make your way to the Wild Bunch's camp.

Take out all the bandits in the camp and make your way down there when the fight is over.

Once you've made your way down to the camp, you are going to find a map marked on a big rock. You are going to find out that the bandit's target is actually the bridge.

The story will be skipped forward to the next morning after reaching the bridge that was going to get destroyed by the bandits.

Make your way to the overpass and prevent the bandits from blowing it up.

Once you've reached the overpass, start disarming the bombs that were placed by the bandits.

You might encounter a few enemies while disarming the bombs. Take them out and keep on moving.

After disarming all the bombs, you will have to get on the other side of the overpass, through a small cave.

When you've reached the other side of the overpass, you will notice a burning fuse moving really fast.

Start chasing the fuse and extinguish it before it reaches the bombs.

Disarm the last three bombs remaining.

After disarming all the bombs, get off the overpass and make your way up the moutain path and find the rest of the bandits.

Once you've climbed up the cliff path you will get attacked by bandits. Take them out and follow the railway.

You will have to fight against Kid Curry, who's at the end of railway.

Try to approach him as much as you can when he temporarily stops shooting. Use the dynamite to destroy his gatling gun.

After destroying his gatling gun, he is going to duel against you.

Once you've shot him down the duel is not going to be over. He's going to take out his revolver and shoot at you. Dodge his bullet and shoot him in the head.

The mission will end after killing him.