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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #8: They Call Me Bounty Hunter

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You will start the mission inside a bar with Ben. Grab the guns on the table and head outside.

Shoot down the bandits and make your way to the bank.

Enter inside the bank and take out the rest of the bandits.

Break inside the room at the end of the hallway and apprehend the Dalton brothers.

After shooting them down, Dwight will let you know that's not the way it happened and you will be playing from his perspective now.

You will be on top of the building right in front of the bank. Take out all the bandits on the roofs.

Once you've dealt with all the enemies, make your way to the back of the bank.

Climb up the water tower and make your way inside the bank through the roof.

After making your way inside the bank, take out the rest of the bandits and search for the Dalton brothers.

Take out the Dalton brothers for the second time.

Greaves will let Dwight know that is not the way it happened.

You will be playing from Greaves perspective now. Follow the dirt path and make your way to the bank.

After reaching the town, deal with the bandits shooting at you and chase Dalton brothers down.

When the chase over, one of the three brothers will decide to face you.

While fighting him, try not to stay in the same place for too long. Take the shots and start running away while reloading and repeat.

The mission will end after defeating Emmet Dalton.