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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #9: Bounty Hunter is Still My Name

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You will start the mission in a river, hunting the two remaining Dalton brothers down. Some deputies will join you, trying to help you find them.

Make your way down the river.

After making your way down the river, you are going to reach a flooded swampy town.

Use the red ribbons to make your way through the flooded town. They will be pointing into the right direction to go.

On your way to the Dalton brothers, you will encounter quite a lot of enemies. So try to take cover as much as possible and take them out one by one.

After making it through the flooded city, you will come across a steamboat.

Eliminate all the bandits on the steamboat and get inside.

Once you've made it on the top deck, you will find a vigilante next to a door.

After breaking inside the door, the whole boat will catch on fire. It turns out that the vigilante was working with the Daltons.

Your main objective now is to get off the burning deck alive.

After successfully making it out of the burning deck, you will come across a gatling gun. Use it to wipe out all the bandits remaining.

You will have to face the Dalton brothers after taking out all the bandits.

Try to focus on the Dalton brother on the right, he's the one who's going to draw his weapon and shoot at you first.

The mission will end after taking both of them out.