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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #5: The Magnificent One

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You will start off in an area near a canyon. Use the dirt path and make your way to the mine.

On your way to the mine, you are going to encounter a few bandits, take them out and head to the mine entrance.

A wooden bridge leading to the mines will appear in front of you.

Cross the bridge and head inside the mine.

Make your way through the mine and find Henry Plummer.

You will come across some explosive barrels. Avoid shooting them, or else the whole mine is going to explode.

However, on your way out of the mine, a bandit will try to shoot you. Dodging the bullet will hit the explosive barrels behind you.

After the barrels got hit, they will produce a chain explosion inside the mine. Sprint to the exit and exit the mine before it blows up.

Once you've made your way out of the exploding mine, you will fall into the water and get hit by a falling minecart and die.

Greaves (the character you're playing as) will rewind the story and come up with a new plan to get inside the mine.

Climb down the ladder marked with a start above it.

Enter inside the mine through the back entrance.

You are going to encounter a few enemies as you go through the mine. Take them out and keep on moving.

After going through the mine and exiting on the otherside, you will get to choose between climbing up the wooden structures using an elevator or the wooden ladders. The elevator will lead you to an ambush, so climbing up the ladders is the best choice.

Once you've climbed all the way up to the top, head to the orange ramp and jump inside the area underneath it.

A short introduction of Henry Plummer will appear.

When the introduction's over you will have to fight him.

The best way to take him out is using dynamite because he will mostly hide behind the wooden covers.

The mission will end after taking Henry Plummer out.