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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #2: A Fistful of Hot Lead

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You will start the mission in a jail.

Shortly after starting it, a set of keys will land inside your cell. Grab them and get out of your cell.

After getting out of your cell head inside Deputy Bob's office.

Pick up Deputy Bob's shotgun, found in his office and make your way out of the jail through the roof.

Watch out for the enemies on the stairs. Take them out and reach the roof.

After reaching the roof, woden planks will appear in front of you; allowing you to jump from roof to roof.

Once you've got off the roofs, make your way through the town.

Watch out for the enemies around the town. Try to take cover as much as possible while in combat.

After making your way to the middle of the town, you will get assaulted by enemies from different directions. Use your quick reflexes ability to get rid of them.

Take out the rest of the enemies in the town and make your way to the stables found at the edge of the town.

Once you've reached the stables, Deputy Bob will appear and challenge you to a duel.

The mission will come to an end after taking him out.