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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #3: A Bullet for the Old Man

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You will start off in a canyon

Make your way through the canyon.

You will come across a lot of enemy cowboys on the canyon rocks above you. Try to take cover as much as you can and take them out one by one.

You are going to start running out of bullets and enemies will start surrounding you.

Suddenly, a way to escape the cowboys will appear right next to you.

Enter the little hole in the rock leading to a big caves system and escape the cowboys following you.

After making your way out of the cave, you are going to find some ammo for you weapons and some dynamite as well.

Get rid of the remaining enemies that followed you all the way to the exit of the cave and make your way to the Old Man Clanton.

Once you've made it to Old Man Clanton, take out the cowboys next to him and make your way uphill.

After making your way uphill, start throwing dynamite at him and try to take cover as much as possible since his Gatling gun can take you out in a few seconds.

The mission will come to an end after taking your last shot and killing him.