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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #1: Once Upon a Time in Stinking Springs

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You will start off on a dirt path. Make your way to the barn up on the hill.

Go through the wooden barn and make your way back to the hideout.

You can also press "O" to see the current objective.

You are going to encounter two thugs on your way back to the hideout. Take them out and keep on moving.

After dealing with those two thugs, head back in the village and rescue Billy the Kid from the group of thugs that have surrounded their hideout.

Down the path, more enemies will appear. Use your Concentration ability to slow down time by pressing 'Q' and take out as many enemies as you can.

After dealing will all the thugs you are finally going to reach the village.

Head inside the farmhouse.

You are going to meet Billy the Kid upstairs, who's going to give you a new weapon.

Start taking out the thugs surrounding the farmhouse.

Shortly after, one of your friends will get killed. You will have to replace him and start defending the rear of the farmhouse.

After taking out all the enemies surrounding the farmhouse, head to the stable and bring the horses out of there.

Once you've reached the stable, you will meet Sheriff Garret.

This is going to be your first duel. Try to maintain the crosshair on Sheriff Garret in order to focus on him.

When he brings out his revolver, quickly press Left Mouse Button to grab yours and shoot him.

After winning the duel, it turns out that is not the way it happened and the game will show you what has really happened before entering the stable.

Head inside the stable and get the horses for the second time.

After entering inside the stable, Sheriff Garret will notice that you are not Billy the Kid and the mission will end afterwards.