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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #7: Dances With Renegades

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You will start off on a mountain.

Follow the dirt road up the mountain and find Renegades' hideout.

Get across the river using the rope bridge.

After crossing the river, you will get attacked by an Apache warrior. Shoot him and keep on moving.

You will get attacked by more Apache warrior. Take them out and keep on moving.

Make your way up the hill and head inside the cave located nearby.

Inside the cave, you will get attacked by more Apache warriors. Defeat them and try to find Grey Wolf inside the cave system.

The tunnels inside the cave will lead you to an area flooded by water.

After getting inside the water, Grey Wolf will make his appearance and will start messing with Greaves' mind.

You'll get a vision where you will have to kill a lot of Apache warriors while having unlimited concentration.

After getting back to reality, Grey Wolf will start running away and you will get assaulted by more Apache warriors. Take them out and get out of the flooded area using the fallen rocks.

Make your way through the caves and reach the exit.

Start chasing after Grey Wolf.

He is going to lead you into a trap and you will get surrounded by Apache warriors. Try to survive the ambush.

After dealing with all the warriors, a pathway out of there will appear in front of you.

After escaping the trap, you will see 'Grey Wolf' transforming into an actual wolf and getting away. The mission is going to end afterwards.