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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Mission #13: Without Forgiveness

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You will start off in a forest right next to the mountains.

Follow the dirt path through the forest. You may come across a few enemies on your way.

After reaching their camp, the Apache warriors will start attacking you. Take advantage of the concentration ability and eliminate as many warriors as possible.

Once you've dealt with all the Apach warriors, continue making your way up the hill.

After making your way up the hill, a big storm will begin causing some huge rocks to start falling down the hill.

The game is going to take you somewhere else afterwards. You will have to make your way up the hill to Frank James and avoid getting hit by him.

On your way up the hill, make sure to take cover behind the huge rocks when needed and sprint from a rock to another one; making it harder for Frank to hit you.

Once you've reached Frank's cabin, start throwing dynamite at his cabin to bring it down.

His cabin is going to fall down the cliff. However, Frank is going to survive and you two will part in peace.

Make your way to the cave where Reed's hiding.

Once you've made your way inside the cave, Jim Reed's gang is going to start shooting at you. Take cover behind the rocks and take them out one by one.

Jim Reed is going to show up for a duel after taking out his men.

The mission is going to end after winning the duel against Jim Reed.