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Chaser Walkthrough Novyy Yeropol

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Head left and snipe the guards that'll be there. Continue across this bridge. The music here sounds awesome in headphones.

The path splits and merges in several places, but you'll eventually come to this snowman. His nose points the way.

Follow this chopper to a firefight up ahead.

The snow swirling around these lights is a nice effect.

Climb this beam to jump over the wall and update your objectives.

Fight your way inside the base to this console. Use it and the light changes from red to green.

The battlements above will assist in clearing out the area outside.

Pass through this now-open gate.

Drop through this hole on the right.

Grab this medium medkit.

Continue through the door at the top of these stairs -- beware of a gunman directly above the door.

The toxic vapors will drop these two. Stay back, or you'll succumb as well.

Climb these stairs.

Clear the area of enemies. There are lots of dead ends around, but this door is what you want.

Snipe as many guards as you can through this window before entering the stairwell ahead.

Take out these guards then go up the stairs.

Activate this middle panel to unlock the main gate. Descend the ladder to the right.

Approach this door and it slides open.

After a brief firefight, climb these stairs, continuing through the indicated doorway.

Climb this ladder and head outside.

You'll notice that the beacons have turned from red to green. The music here is very Dr. Zhivago.

Approach this gate and it will open automatically.

Pick off the surrounding troops. Note my low health -- this area is a bit of a challenge.

Enter this small building.

Activate this console.

Lastly, activate this switch.

The switch changes from red to green and the ending cutscene plays.

Kabir betrays Chaser, shooting him.

You awaken, alive and recuperating thanks to an old Russian.

He explains that a mysterious man had chased away Kabir and given you an injection. After you leave, another mysterious man shoots Yevgeniy.

Yevgeniy had sent you to find his son in this labor camp.

Take out the surrounding guards.

There are a number of guard towers like this -- snipe the snipers before they snipe you.

Here's your destination

Use this door to load the next area and end this very short level.