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Chaser Walkthrough Portland

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You'll find secondary fire from your FA-MAS to be useful at taking out these respawning snipers. Note the medium medkit dead-ahead.

Kabir is in this central room, cowering in fear.

The firefight continues in this neighboring room. The top of those stairs provides a good vantage point to fight the enemies in this room. From the ladder you can take down enemies in the previous room.

Take out the series of spawning enemies in this window.

Another series of enemies spawns up here.

Another enemy will snipe at you from this position.

A series of two enemies will spawn above. Take cover behind these crates and start taking them out.

A cutscene shows a truck coming under fire -- your mission goals are updated. Protect that truck!

Once it's safe to move, grab this medkit and hurry to protect the truck ahead.

This is where many players become stuck. Protecting this truck is required to advance in the game, yet no health bar is provided to show how much damage the truck can take. It's frustrating, it's repetitive, and it isn't fun. Start with a few grenades to take out the horde at the garage door. Save your game here.

In addition to the garage door, you'll have to defend the truck from attackers in this position above.

And from this window as well. The shelves below hold a medium medkit, armor and ammo.

When the truck reaches a heavy level of damage you will hear, "It's going to blow." After the truck takes more damage, you'll be greeted with this MISSION FAILED screen. Reload your save game.

Take note of this pattern: killing an enemy out here...

...often results in the spawning of an enemy up here. Be prepared to dash between these two locations.

Enemies will also be spawning behind the truck. Rarely, one will drop a rocket launcher.

When you see this large crowd of enemies approaching, you're almost done.

Grenades or secondary fire from your FA-MAS will finish them off quickly.

At long last the goal is completed.

In the ending cutscene, Kabir emerges from hiding and the truck pulls out.