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Chaser Walkthrough Watergate

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This is a stealth mission. You can't be seen and you can't shoot anyone. Avoid this street with the motel -- you can just make out a patrol at the end of the lane. Instead, head right. Continue down here to the next left.

You'll hear music as you stroll down this lane.

Either side of the street is fine.

Turn right and hug this left wall. As you approach the street light you'll be instructed to wait here. Do not advance further or the mission will fail. The patrols up ahead will investigate the sound of broken glass. You'll then be instructed that it is time to go for it.

Proceed through the indicated doorway.

Follow the hallway through another door and activate your night vision. You are instructed to take the left door.

Duck through that door on the left.

Continue through the door ahead.

Proceed as directed.

Meander through the furniture to the door opposite.

Ascend the stairs as directed, but only up a single flight. If you continue to the next flight of stairs you will be instructed to go back down.

Once here, you'll receive further direction. Avoid the camera down the left corridor.

There's your door on the left.

Next, take this door.

Wait for the painters to move on, then follow them through the door ahead.

Ascend the stairs as instructed. Move quickly to avoid the security camera to the left.

Avoid the painters and move quickly to avoid the cameras. Hang a left as indicated.

Turn right here, avoiding the camera ahead.

Take this door, then continue through a door on the left.

Proceed through this door on the left.

Sneak past the snoozing patrol as indicated.

Here's your next door.

Take the door on the right and step into the room. A cutscene takes over as you record the conversation of the Yakuza.

After the cutscene, leave through this door and take the door to the immediate left.

Hold position here while the patrol moves on. Crouch to remain stealthy and enter the big door ahead.

Approach the window on the left to trigger the next cutscene.

You resume recording the Yakuza conversation.

Uh-oh. You have to find a new way out -- through an open window.

Backtrack through this corridor, taking the door all the way at the end.

Open one of these windows, jump-crouch onto the sill then jump to the street below. You don't have to use the scaffolding.

There's the car up ahead. Approach the barricades to initiate a cutscene.

You hop in the car and drive off to finish the level.