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Chaser Walkthrough Montack City

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While his escape pod crashes to the planet surface, Chaser has flashbacks of an armored solider with the name tag "Stone." The pod comes to rest in this building. Chaser narrowly escapes being crushed after exiting the module.

Drop to the floor below and grab the Winchester DB Auto from the fallen resident. Continue down the corridor straight ahead, snatching ammo from the shelves on the right.

Check your mission goals to learn that you have especially angered the local gang. Ascend the stairs on the right.

Switch to the Winchester and blast the angry resident upstairs. Grab his Ingram MAC 10 seen flying here.

Follow the stairs below and take down this raider -- he'll drop another Ingram in case you missed the guy upstairs. Continue up the hall.

Two more angry raiders to the left. Send them flying with your Winchester. Pick up the Sig Sauer P226.

Continue all the way down the stairs, blasting this raider waiting at the bottom.

Two more raiders are barricaded in the hallway. Take them out and snatch the ammo on the shelves at the far end.

Return to the other end of the hall and exit the building as indicated.

Drop this raider at street level. Another is down the alley past that barrel on the right, but the alley is a dead end and can be avoided if you prefer.

Advance through the falling debris then continue up those stairs to the left. Pass through the opening in the wall.

Blow away this raider waiting for you on the other side.

Switch to a rapid-fire weapon like the MAC 10 to take down these two, plus a third on the roof to the left. Your G11's scope works well on a fourth who will emerge from the road on the right.

Down the alley to the left is this medkit and another raider.

Follow the road a short distance and spot an aircraft lifting off. Approach and a gun battle ensues as large chunks of the Majestic station come crashing down around you.

Engage the street thugs, including this one on the rooftop.

After finishing off the remaining raiders on the street, take a glance at the chaos above.

Ready your Winchester and head up those stairs to the door beyond.

Take out this raider ascending the stairs and his friend on the ledge to the left.

At the end of the hallway you'll find this large medkit and a Colt M4.

Return back downstairs. As you approach the door you'll find another raider has spawned in this nook. Exit the way you came.

Upon exiting you'll find that three more raiders have spawned. Finish them off and search the area for supplies.

Enter the building through this door on the left.

These two raiders are waiting for you just inside the door.

If you're fast with the Winchester this next part is a breeze. Note the medkit and ammo on the right.

Follow the stairs to the upper floor, then back down the other side to these two. Here's a tip: if you are critically low on health use your quicksaves to repeat firefights until someone drops a medkit.

Follow the hallway to exit the building and battle these two.

Take out their friend in the alley behind you.

Further down the alley is this armor vest and another raider to battle through the window.

Backtrack through the alley and descend this ramp.

I like the rapid fire of the MAC 10 to take out these four raiders down here.

Exit up this ramp and continue as indicated.

Witness a firefight between the raiders and these troopers. Hold back to battle the victors or engage them early -- it's up to you. Search for supplies including a medkit between the crates on the right.

Battle these two raiders then enter the building.

On your way through the hallway you'll have this brief flash appear before your eyes.

Exit the building and battle this raider at street level... two more on the balcony above.

Take out this raider and enter the doorway beyond.

More flashbacks...

Exit the building and a train passes overhead. Take out the three thugs and search the area for supplies.

Climb these crates and jump over the fence. If you fall you can crawl through a hole in the fence.

Spy the two medkits on the shelves. An armor vest is just inside the door.

Continue straight ahead and a cutscene plays to end the level.