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Chaser Walkthrough Lighthouse

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Snipe these enemies as you walk around the lighthouse.

More enemies are on the cranes.

This makes a good sniping platform to clear the area below before descending the stairs.

Enter the building through this door.

Fight three gunmen inside. If you want to see everything, descend those stairs. Everyone else can skip ahead.

A single enemy is at the bottom of the stairs, then these two through this door.

Continue through the door on the right, then through this door.

In addition to two enemies, this room holds armor, a large medkit and ammo.

Backtrack upstairs and proceed through that door straight ahead.

Defeat the men inside then continue through that hole in the wall.

Hit them with your boomer before they hit you with theirs. Grab the armor under the crates before climbing to the rooftop above.

There are enemies on the catwalks above, and a medium medkit down the ladder ahead.

Time for a fierce gun battle. This would be a good time for adrenaline mode. Make your way around the left side of that building.

Enter through that opening. The ladder visible inside leads to the roof where you will find the short way -- you folks can jump ahead. Everyone taking the long way, continue through the hole in the wall next to the ladder.

Pass through the door on the right to this firefight.

Continue through the door seen here on the left. Defeat the lone gunman inside.

Fight your way through this door, grabbing the ammo from under the stairs before heading up.

Grab the armor under these stairs before ascending further.

Proceed through this door.

Blast past these three to the door seen far-right.

Drop the guard and grab the armor.

Descend these stairs.

And these. Exit to the right.

You'll find ammo to the right of those valves.

Pass through the door directly behind this guy.

Take down this guy, plus another on the right, where you'll find a medium medkit.

Climb this ladder.

Defeat the guards in here, as well as those on the catwalks above.

Climb this ladder.

Go through this door.

If you've taken the short way you can climb the roof then jump to this catwalk as indicated.

You'll find a small medkit as you follow the catwalk to this door. Jump across to the ladder ahead.

Grab the armor seen far-left before dropping through the indicated opening.

Climb into this tunnel, taking the first left.

Drop through this opening.

Take out the guards in the corridor.

Explore the various rooms for health, armor and ammo, but this is the room you need to advance. Shoot out the grate as seen here and climb in.

Ascend this long ventilation shaft.

Shoot out the grate at the top to enter this room, where you'll find heavy resistance.

Avoid the stairs. Instead, climb this ladder to the catwalk above. Pass through the door next to the ladder.

Time for adrenaline mode. You'll find guards just inside this door and on the catwalks above.

Climb the ladders to the top level.

To your left is this door, behind which you'll find armor and a grenade.

After returning, this guard has spawned. Defeat him then continue through the door ahead.

Fight your way to the door at the top of these spiral stairs.

Snare this large medkit next to these valves.

Activate this lever.

You've attracted an audience outside the door -- time to use the grenade you picked up earlier.

Fight your way down the spiral stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is this elevator. Approach and the doors open. Enter to end the level.

There are three windows in the lighthouse. Approach this one left of the door.

Chaser signals the truck to begin moving.

The truck is marked by the arrow. Enemies will spawn in the sequence indicated. Just as in Kabir, the truck can only take so much damage before the mission fails, and unfortunately no health bar is provided.

Secondary-fire brings up the scope, your scroll wheel zooms in.

The truck changes direction, then two more enemies rush out from this alley.

The truck will run over the enemy at (1) so focus your early attention on (2) and (3).

You have time to reload now. This smokestack crashes onto the road and the truck has to turn around.

Four enemies spawn to the left, then another four after the first group is defeated.

Time to switch to the middle window.

Here is the middle window. This is another good time to reload.

Two enemies spawn here.

Five more enemies emerge in this sequence.

Two enemies rush out of this corner.

Take out the grenade launcher by firing at these barrels.

Watch out for this gunman as the truck makes the turn.

Take out these two before reloading and moving to the third window.

Five enemies spawn in this sequence.

Lastly, these four are all that's left. If you are repeatedly failing the mission, restart from the beginning. Remember that the mission fails once the truck has taken too much damage.

The truck exits left behind these buildings.

This door opens. Approach the ladder for a cutscene.

Mike Gomez (or someone who looks like him -- it's not clear) rats you out.

Climb the ladder and another cutscene shows Chaser making a rocket-powered getaway...

...into the sea.

These next two levels take place inside a mini-sub. Your objective: touch all of the yellow lights.

As you touch each light, the color will change from yellow to blue. The next yellow light in the sequence will then shine.

Sentry guns such as this stand in your way.

Here's light #2.

Light #3.

Enter the ship to touch light #4.

Follow the ship's corridors here to light #5. Don't worry about shooting the sentrys -- just keep moving.

Go down the ladder to light #6.

The room next door has light #7.

Down another ladder to light #8. This area is very disorienting -- a compass would have helped a lot.

Light #9. The sentrys are thick as thieves in here.

Light #10.

Light #11.

Straight ahead and down to light #12.

Light #13.

Exit through the hole behind light #14 to end the level.

Here are the second pair of lights. Light #1.

Light #2.

Light #3.

Light #4.

Light #5.

Enter the ship and head below to find light #6.

Light #7.

Light #8.

Light #9.

Continue through that hole above light #10.

Through a door and another hole to light #11.

Through a larger hole to light #12.

Light #13.

Light #14.

Light #15.

Exit through this hole to end the level.