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Chaser Walkthrough Anadyr

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Hold back and snipe as many guards as you can before advancing.

Your exit is a door behind those crates in the far-left corner.

Jump into this ice hole.

Swim into this intake.

Surface here and jump through that hole in the wall.

Fight your way along the corridors through this door.

Throw this switch to activate power before continuing through the door.

Continue up those stairs.

Fight your way through this room where you'll find a medkit and this door on the left.

Lots of enemies out here. Watch for snipers on the walkways above.

Here's the hangar. Activate the switch where indicated to complete the goal of opening its doors.

Follow the road a short distance to the garage entrance.

Secondary fire from your FA-MAS clears the area. Continue to the right.

Here's the car. Approach to update your mission goals. Be careful as there is a soldier underneath.

Grab this medium medkit before exiting the way you came.

Fight past the newly-spawned enemies to this position next to the hangar. Climb the stairs.

Enter here.

Corridor (1) leads to rooms which hold more enemies and supplies, plus a spiral staircase. Corridor (2) is a direct route downstairs. Your choice.

Fight your way to the indicated door.

Here is the part you need, next to a medium medkit. You'll hear the muffled sounds of a man banging the walls nearby.

Return to the car and a cutscene shows it driving from the garage to the hangar.

Your mission goals are updated: unlock and open the gate. Proceed through this door.

Be ready for this guy waiting just inside.

Fight your way upstairs and through this red-lit corridor. Note the medkit on the floor ahead.

Use your sniper rifle to take out enemies below the catwalk from a distance.

Advance through this door.

Your Winchester is good for getting up close and personal with these first few guards.

Then switch to your sniper rifle to take out the guards farther away.

Drop below, then climb these stairs all the way to the top.

Fight your way along the catwalk, then snipe the guard through this door.

The second guard can kiss your Winchester.

Inside this room you can find health, armor and ammo. Most important is this gate switch. Activate it to update your goals.

Leap over the railing to the bottom floor below.

Use the door seen on the left to trigger the ending cutscene.

The truck leaves through the now-open gate under a hail of bullets.