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Chaser Walkthrough Spaceport

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Descend the ramp and continue through the opening ahead. Jump by numbers. Just be sure to jump-crouch to (2).

Continue through the open doorway on the right. Note the ladder in the fan pit in case you fall in.

Follow the tunnel to the end, where you'll be able to knock over that grate on the left.

There are a number of short dead-ends in these tunnels. When you get here, continue through the grate ahead, avoiding the long dead-end on the right.

Continue down the ramp marked "B" straight ahead.

Exit the shaft then drop into this tunnel on the right.

Exit the tunnel through the opening seen on the left. Climb into the pipe on the right through an opening just off camera.

Exit out this break in the pipe to your left, and onto that beam.

Follow the arrows to climb to the surface.

You'll be met with immediate resistance so ready for a fight as you exit.

Fight your way to this position. Jump-crouch to (1) then jump to (2).

Climb through this opening in the fan. A gunman is just inside the opening so be careful.

Climb down that ladder on the right.

Defeat the lone gunman then proceed to the opposite side of the room.

Drop through this hole below.

Snipe the many guards on patrol.

Drop to this rock column then continue to the ground below.

Pass through this opening.

Snipe the guards blocking your progress.

An old rocket rusts away in the center of this area.

Climb one of these ladders.

Climb this rubble.

Leap to this ladder. A few jumps will get you to the top.

More resistance up here.

Jump onto this rubble to the ledge ahead.

A running jump will take you safely from the rubble ahead to the ledge beyond.

Hop into this vent.

Fight your way further into the cosmodrome.

Activate this console and the light changes from red to green.

Follow this lift as it moves in front of this grate.

Climb these nearby stairs.

Proceed through this corridor.

Take this hallway on the right.

Knock the grate out of the way and step onto the lift.

Activate the lift and ride it to the neighboring room.

Snipe the patrols below.

Climb down these crates and approach the green light ahead.

Use the console to activate the train. Ride it to the other side of the cosmodrome.

Exit the train to initiate a cutscene and update your objectives -- kill Kabir.

Take cover immediately. Turrets like this and many gunmen are protecting Kabir.

Use the crates for cover and snipe Kabir's henchmen.

Down here you'll find two medkits, two armor vests plus grenades and ammo.

This is a well-fortified position. Hold tight and eliminate the enemy as he comes to you.

Take shots at Kabir when the opportunity arises.

A few well-placed grenades will take out these fortified turrets.

Lastly, finish off Kabir. Here I bring him down with more grenades.

Open this door to initiate the ending cutscene.

The shuttle blasts off the launch pad and you are on your way to Mars.