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Welcome to Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath walkthrough. Click next page to proceed.

Mission 1 - The Rio Insurrection

In this mission, there are 4 main places that you have to go. All places except bottom right is quite hard to attack. So, it's advisable to attack other place first.

Before going attack somewhere, build defenses to protect your base and armies for protecting your Harvester. It's important to keep this Harvester alive.

Few Raider Buggies, Attack Bike and rocket soldiers is enough to raid enemy units.

Once you destroyed the buildings, enemy will send reinforcement. So be prepared.

What makes the bottom right area is hard to attack is due to the anti-tank defenses and snipers.

Enemy drop their snipers on the battlefield. What you should do is use your buggies to kill enemy soldiers when they landed. Then, destroy all the defenses with your rocket soldiers.

For top area, do not waste your time destroying all the buildings with garrisoned enemies. Just destroy one and then blow the target building.

Just like this. ;)

Then, destroy this building. No enemies guarding here. Easy.

To attack the enemy base, buggies and Attack Bikes is more than enough. Sending soldiers here also can but it takes time for them to reach this place, unless you like to wait.

Destory this building which will lead you to victory!

Mission completed.

Mission 2 - What Is Rightfully Ours

Firstly, buy few soldiers and engineers to capture this two Tiberium Spike. Defend these two towers because it is your infinite source of money.

Build defenses and create more units. Enemy units will start attacking you.

Once your base is secured and have enough units, try to capture another Tiberium Spike here.

You will have a lot of money now. It's time to raid enemy base.

Here's another Tiberium Spike if three is not enough for you. :)

Before capturing the target building, make sure that your armies is big and strong enough to defend it. Also, don't leave empty your base without any units defending.

Another Tiberium Spike at far top right. Feel free to capture it BUT defending this building is far more important. Defend it while you can. Always bring more units here when needed.

Tips: Training many Venom (air units) is quite useful.

Keep defending your base and this building. In no time, you will beat this mission. Mission completed.

Mission 3 - Persuade Him...

The first thing you need to do is capture this TIberium Spike. You can't depends on the tiberium field forever. Bring your units here too because enemy will use this way to attack you.

Now prepare your defenses and units. Buy upgrades if you can. Only when you sure that you have strong defenses, then you can continue your objective.

If you like, do the optional mission too.

Enemy will send few Avatars to attack your base. Kill that and capture the body with your engineer. It will help you defending your base.

Scout with your Venom while attack any units below. Avoid any anti-aircraft units and towers.

Upgrade it with lasers for more attack damage.

Easy, no need to sacrifice your ground units to do this job.

Enough units already? Then bring them all and attack the enemy base.

Enemy will try to get away. Tips: Ambush enemy anti-aircraft units with your Stealth Tank and then bring your mighty Venom to clear the road.

Don't worry about the escort part. Your armies are far more stronger than enemy now. Just bring it to your base. Mission accomplished.

Mission 4 - A Grand Gesture...

Firrst of all, you need these thing. 100% important. Capture the Tiberium Spikes and prevent enemy from destroying it.

For now, just defend your base for a while before counter-attack the enemy. You'll need a large and strong armies before proceed.

Tips: Capture the damaged avatars and repair them. This is one of the strong unit in this mission that you can't build, yet.

Greed is good, yes? Then capture this two money maker.

Completing optional objective. No need to bring the big guns.

Let's finish this mission. Just burn! Burn them all...! :D

Victory!! :D

Mission 5 - Keys To The Kingdom

Step one, move your Commando to clear the enemy here but let the shadow team flying above. Both of them are important to keep alive during early game.

Land your shadow teams here and attack the enemy base.

Objective one. Completed.

When your base established on the battefield, always build defenses first. Also, blue tiberium field gives you a lot of money so no need Tiberium Spike.

You think you can pwn the enemy? So let's have fun. Bring all the big guns and attack anyhing on its way!

So yeah. This mission is easy and short. Mission completed.

Mission 6 - All That Glitters

First, avoid any enemy aircraft. Just walk like a normal soldier and stick together. They won't last long if flying.

Don't worry about the bunkers. It usually empty.

Kill all enemy in your way and just proceed your mission like usual.

Sometimes, this place got bug. If you place the beacon in front of the power plant but the game might not detect it, so place it behind the power plant. It should work though.

For next objective, move your shadow team to a safe place and for now let's just control all the Stealth Tanks and Specters.

Use Specters to attack enemy units and buildings while Stealth Tank protect it from getting attacked.

Without entering enemy base, you can just attack the target building using Specters.

To complete optional mission, you have to collect money more than 15,000. This is one of the place to get the Gold Bullion.

Another place to collect your money. Collect it all and complete the Gold Bullion optional mission.

Mission completed!

Mission 7 - The Doctor Vanishes

Quickly, build three engineers and small armies and go here to capture these buildings. You'll need money to build defenses and units. This mission won't be easy like before.

You have strong defenses and many units? Then it's time to war.

If you wants, you can capture GDI buildings. So that you can build defenses and train more unit faster. No need walks from home. :D

More tanks more fun. GDI Mammoth Tank is far better than NOD avatar. So use them wisely. Also, don't forget about Specters for destroying enemy defenses.

Before capture the target building, clear the enemy in that area first. Especially rockets soldiers and anti-aircraft. If area cleared, continue proceed with your objective.

Next, defend the transport at all cost. Bring whatever you have to destroy all the anti-aircrafts and other enemy units.

Mad anti-aircraft. They will do anything to make you fail your mission. Beware.

Safely arrived? Congratulations. Mission accomplished.

Mission 8 - MARV Rising

Firstly, wait for MARV to come near to your laser obelisk. Then, attack it with all units you have. The MARV won't last more than 15 seconds.

Then, capture this Tiberium Spike.

Another Tiberium Spike. Capture it.

Tips: Train few Venom (upgrade it to laser attack) and quickly move to enemy base. Sneak it through the hill while avoiding any anti-aircrafts.

It has weak rocket damage, so destroy it with your Venom.

Destroy power plants first. You may need to send other units than Venom to get rid of all power plants.

Before capturing the building, make many Avatar. Some of it should guard here and other defending at the base.

Another MARV attacking your base. All units, attack!!

Again, to complete this objective. Use Venom but this time seek for enemy Harverster too. Don't let them have the money.

Left side enemy base is quite easy. Just send your Venom to clear that area.

For rthe ight side base, how about calling Redeemer for help? :D

Great no more enemies. You're victorious!

Mission 9 - The Betrayal Of Kilian Qatar

Eliminate all enemy soldiers here. Then, simply bomb all the anti-aircraft batteries. Look out for the sentry gun. It will hurt you a lot.

In this mission, there are no Tiberium Spike. So you have to build more Harverster to quickly gain money. Once you have enough units, attack the enemy base.

For next objective, use only the Commando to clear the way. If the engineer dies, mission will fail.

No tanks here, only soldiers that can be easily kill by the Commando.

Destroy this power plants.

And another three power plants here. When all six power plants destroyed, then you can safely enter the next area.

Protect the Attack Bike? This unit is super fast. Nothing can't go wrong. Just go through the enemy base and move to the evac point. Avoid any enemies.

Once the bike reached the evac point, mission completed!

Mission 10 - Hearts And Minds

Firstly, see that Tiberium Spike? Capture it as fast as possible.

Train more units to defend your base.

If you have enough units, clear the enemy base at top left side. Then, capture the Tiberium Spike for additional income.

Two Tiberium Spike can give you a lot of money. So why keep? Spend it on training tanks and upgrades.

This monster you should beware. Use all your units to destroy that thing.

When it destroyed, mission completed.

Mission 11 - Tacitus Interruptus

In this mission, the first thing you have to do is select your Attack Bike units and command it to attack the moving MCV. Just attack it.

Make sure that the attack hit the MCV. If not miss, it will automatically expand. Then, command your bike to go back to base. Enemy might chasing you so be prepared. Build defenses and units.

Defend your base and in the meantime try to buy upgrades (if possible) so that your units become stronger and able to eliminate enemy faster.

No matter what, you have to capture this Tiberium Spike. You need a lot of money to build more units and defenses.

Another Tiberium Spike. Oh yeah. Tip: Try to garrison all the buildings around it for defense and also help in completing your objective later. Beware of grenadier. ;)

Before completing current objective, you can complete your optional objective first.

Capture that MCV. If its hitpoints too low, expand it and repair. After that, just command it to the evac zone.

When the MCV reached the evac zone, so your mission ends here. Mission accomplished.

Mission 12 - Will Made Flesh

This mission, you don't have to worry about money. There are few Tiberium Spike that you can have. This is the nearest to your base. Make it yours.

Even though it is second-last mission, but it's not hard at all. Easier than mission before. So, when you have enough units. Let's war!

Destroying enemy base is more fun than completing your objective. During this time, capture the all Mark of Kane.

Just have fun until the timer ends. :)

Victorious! :D

Mission 13 - Tacitus Regained

This is the last mission and it's pretty hard if you don't have enough money. So, capture these building first.

Build more defenses and units. Also, guard your Harvester and Tiberium Spike.

Tip: Before attacking enemy base, make sure that you have Specters (for long range attack), Venom (for killing soldiers , aircraft and support) and Avatar (for destroying tanks and buildings). All these will help you a lot.

No need to worry if one of the target building destroyed. At least you have capture one then it's okay. ;)

Completing optional objective is much easier using aircrafts.

While waiting for the timer, clear all the remaining enemy units and buildings outside the barrier.

Also, clear this area if you wants.

Keep in mind that the enemy keep rebuild their buildings here even when you have destroyed all. So, always check and clear this area.

The final war is here! Send all your units and enjoy the show. :D

Capture the building and you're victorious! Congratulations, you have beat this game. :D


Thanks to EA for creating this awesome game. Thanks to for publishing my C&C Kane's Wrath walkthrough here and finally thanks to you for reading this.