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Area 1: Jungle

The adventure begins. Start shooting the moment you are able to move so you can pick off enemies as they come from the right.

You can choose to kill this guy below now, leave him be or get the weapon out of that pod and kill him afterwards. Just aim down/right and you can shoot at that angle while running.

The Machine Gun fires continuously as long as the shot button is held.

Saves you the trouble of constant button pressing. The pod coming from the left contains the Rapid fire gun. It increases the rate of fire to the current weapon.

Watch out for the guy below.

Shoot the pod then take out the guy.

The exploding bridge will not kill you when it blows up but it's best to stay on higher ground instead of running around in the water.

You will also come across the second bridge.

Cross it safely and beware of the cannon. It aims at cardinal or diagonal direction closest to you and fires. If you was in the water, the bullets would be hard to dodge.

This pod contains a Spread Gun.

This enables you to fire in multiple directions and this will be the MVW (Most Valuable Weapon) for this game.

This is the Flame Gun.

It sends two fireballs spinning around in a circle. It can actually hit enemies that normally can't be hit by crouching fire.

This enemy gun can only aim forward adjust to the diagonally upward. It can't shoot straight up or aim behind it.

This is where the Flame Gun is useful, crouch and fire at the cannon as the bullets sail over you.

Time to get the Spread Gun back.

Jump over the gap and collect it.

One pod contains the Laser but you don't really want this gun in this game. The problem with the Laser is that even though it's the most powerful in the game, it will reset itself when rapidly fired. So if you use Turbo, it is useless.

Jump over this next gap and...

take out the next mounted canon.

Defeat this directional cannon now.

Then take out the next one so it won't give you trouble during the upcoming boss fight.

I don't suggest doing what I did here in this screenshot unless you have the Spread Gun and fast fingers so you can run straight up to the core and fire at it like hell and destroy it in two to three seconds before you get killed by the cannon bullets above.

The conventional method is to kill the enemy at the top then stand on the platform that is level with the cannons so their shots can't hit you. Just stand there and destroy them then destroy the core.

The boss is defeated. As you can see what I did in the previous shot, I went straight for the core and destroyed it and in the process I killed everyone else without dealing with them.

Area 2: Base 1

Don't touch the electric barriers. They won't kill you but you will be momentarily stunned.

Avoid the bullets being shot by either moving away or ducking then aim at the core and destroy it.

The red enemies yield out weapons when destroyed.

When the core is destroy, off to the next room.

Shoot the gun on the right so it won't be a nuisance.

Then shoot the core which will be on the left.

The gun is at the lower middle so you don't have to worry about getting shot as long you stay crouched when shooting the core.

Duck down and shoot these rollers to avoid being ran over by them.

Destroy the core afterwards.

This is the last room. Destroy each cannon then destroy the megacore in the middle.

There are two spread cannons on the upper left and upper right. Avoid the bullets then...

destroy one of the four cores to make to kill one cannon.

They are only vulnerable when open.

Do the same to the other side and take out the other two coress to face the real boss.

The boss moves from left to right and back. and shoots a blue ring of fire that can be destroyed.

Aim at the boss's core as it passes above you until you defeat the boss.

Mission complete.

Area 3: Waterfall

Time to make an upward climb. In a 2-player game, this is where teamwork is put to the test because it is easy to kill the other player if you climb up too fast.

Watch out for rocks that come out the holes as you venture up.

The sniper can be killed easily with the Spread Gun or Flame gun from afar and slightly below.

This enemy will shoot a bullet in the air that will explode in three pieces.

Watch out for the cannon and the enemy coming from behind.

The fire won't be much trouble if...

You get this Barrier powerup successfully out the left pod.

It renders you invulnerable to damage from everything except falling. In a 2-player game, the one without the barrier has to dodge the flames on the bridge.

Jump on these moving platforms to continue your upward climb.

You will have to use the platform to go up via the right side.

Duck as soon as you get to the top of the right hill and kill the mounted cannon so you don't get shot from out of nowhere.

Ignore the machine gun and wait for the platform to come to you.

Take out any enemies that are still nearby and in the way.

You are nearing home stretch at the top.

At the top you face the boss. Aim at the red tips at the ends of each arm.

Avoid the flames carefully.

When the boss opens its mouth, it will shoot three flames downward.

Once one arm is down, go for the other one.

Stand off center to the left or right of the boss's mouth and you can fire at it while avoiding the boss's fire.

The boss will eventually be defeated.

Area 4: Base 2

The cores are protected by barriers. Shoot away at them till the core is revealed.

Watch out for the rollers as you attack the core.

Like in Area 2, the electric barriers won't kill you but you will be stunned.

These four cores can be destroyed only while crouching.

The first two are revealed in the middle then the other two will open on opposite sides.

Be wary of one of the enemies throwing rollers around.

You got two barriered cores in the next room.

Once the barriers are gone. Take on the these cores. Ignore the cannon on top.

The next room has two cores you can defeat while crouching which makes this room quick.

The cores are on opposite sides of the room.

Aim at the core in the middle and that's it.

This one is a tricky one. Kill the cannon first.

You have to jump to shoot the core. Watch out for the enemies throwing grendades. This is their answer to you crouching under their bullets.

Three cannons and the mega core. Take out the cannons first then concentrate on the megacore.

The boss battle starts off just like in Area 2 except there is one cannon and three cores.

Destroy the middle core then target the cannon.

During the battle enemies will appear and try to throw you off by jumping down at you.

They also come in blue variety too.

When you defeat all cores. The main boss appears.

The bosses each split in two but I'll give you a brief lesson in anti-limitation tricks.

As you can see in this screenshot there are still two bosses but in the game itself there are actually four because the bosses and their clones' sprites flicker back and forth so rapidly that you see them spliting up then merging back to two. Attack them when they are merged together to damage them but watch out for the nuclei bubbles that are hard to avoid because they move in odd directions.

Once you defeat one, defeat the other to finish the level.

Off to the next level, Snow Field.

Area 5: Snow Field

In the Famicom version, the snow blows in the foreground. watch out for grenades coming out from the background as you shoot these guys with mounted rockets.

Other enemies will join the fray at random intervals and shoot bullets.

You don't need this Machine Gun. Hold Down on the keypad and press the jump button to drop to the lower level and move on.

Be sure to shoot thse guys when on a diffrent plane than them so they won't be much of a hassle as they take multiple shots to destroy.

Shoot this guy from above and avoid the grenades before moving on.

There is a falcon power-up in one of the pods that kills everyone on screen.

Kill any enemies coming from behind so they won't shoot at yo.

This miniboss takes many hits to defeat.

Be sure to have a powerful weapon because you are cutting it close with the normal gun should you be unfortunate to have it.

When the minboss is close to death, it will change color. Don't let up.

Get on the upper platform before dealing with this guy.

You meet the miniboss. Defeat it like before.

After a few more of these guys and grenades before the end of the level.

The boss's bombs can be shot away so aim up and shoot at the center and you can attack this boss with no problem until...

The boss sends its goons to you. Step a little to the off center to deal with them and avoid the boss's attacks. Eventually the boss will vanish and reappear elsewhere and repeats the process.

When you shoot it enough times, it dies an off to the Energy Zone.

Area 6: Energy Zone

Aim upwards as shoot the enemies as you jump.

Once again, shoot these guys from a different plane.

These flames will shoot out when you get close to them.

The first one is tricky to avoid since you can't make the jump over the gap on the lower plane so you must go through it at the higher one.

Deal with all the enemies below before dropping down to avoid the next flame.

After this flame, get ready to avoid the flames that attack in a pattern.

The low flame is long so duck early.

The flames go off in a low middle high pattern.

Drop down and take on the next pattern.

Shoot the sniper then...

Get ready for another tricky area.

Wait for the lower flame to retract after the upper one reaches its full retraction then drop down and jump up quickly.

Take the high road here and run when the flame goes up.

Shoot everyone below again and drop down to ge through safely.

Duck this time and kill these guys and still in the middle.

When the floor changes color, the boss is coming.

Shoot at him every chance you get.

It might not look like it but you can jump over the boss when it approaches you.

When he jumps, the boss might throw a disk.

The boss's pants will turn red when he is almost dead.

Now off to the Hangar.

Area 7: Hangar

These claws come down in intervals and will kill you upon touching you.

Take the higher row and pay attention to the patern and break through carefully.

Keep taking the high road and ignore the mine cart. It can kill you if it runs you over but you can ride on it too. It is too much of a hassle though.

Shoot the guy on top first then continue.

Proceed carefully because walls of spikes rise up out of the floor unexpectedly. Shoot them away before moving on.

There are more spiked walls but they are fixed into place and also must be shot away.

Once again, take the high road.

That way you avoid another troublesone mine cart.

At the end, you must shoot away the surprise wall by standing between the second and third claw for safety.

Get this barrier and you can run forward a long while uninterrupted.

Nothing can stop you now so you can run through these minecarts.

You can even take the low road and jump up through the claws.

There are three surprise spiked walls here.

These claws come down in set patterns. It's easy to get through but...

You got to deal with the surprise spike walls.

Then you got to deal with a mounted rocket and guys coming from the back firing bullets.

Use the spread gun to get these guys carefully. Otherwise, proceed carefully.

The boss is actually those two panels below that lob bullet bombs at you. If you got fast fingers you can aim at that core above the door and kill it quickly just like you did in the first level.

Off to the last level we go.

Area 8: Alien's Lair

If you are playing the Japanese version, the stage is actually animated.

Grab the barrier and proceed with no problem.

The mini aliens are no theat when invincible.

The larva can be shot dead easily by running agains the eggwall and shooting diagonal upward.

Kill any mini aliens that come out after you then go back after the larva.

Proceed slowly and kill all the pods you see one at a time. These are the only enemies you will see from here on out till the final boss.

These walking fingers are part of the final boss which is straight ahead. Kill the last twp pod enemies then worry about the boss.

Shoot away at this egg sacks until they are destroyed but watch out for the walking fingers that come out.

Once you defeat one, fingers stop coming out that spot.

It's best to take out the bottom ones first then take on the upper left one.

Nothing you can do about the upper right one. Aim for the heart and destroy it.

Congrats. You beat the game.

Exclusive shot from the Japanese version's ending.

Exclusive shot from the Japanese version's ending 2.

Ending Shot.

Ending shot 2.

Exclusive shot from the Japanese version's ending 3.

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