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Contra Walkthrough Area 2: Base 1

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Don't touch the electric barriers. They won't kill you but you will be momentarily stunned.

Avoid the bullets being shot by either moving away or ducking then aim at the core and destroy it.

The red enemies yield out weapons when destroyed.

When the core is destroy, off to the next room.

Shoot the gun on the right so it won't be a nuisance.

Then shoot the core which will be on the left.

The gun is at the lower middle so you don't have to worry about getting shot as long you stay crouched when shooting the core.

Duck down and shoot these rollers to avoid being ran over by them.

Destroy the core afterwards.

This is the last room. Destroy each cannon then destroy the megacore in the middle.

There are two spread cannons on the upper left and upper right. Avoid the bullets then...

destroy one of the four cores to make to kill one cannon.

They are only vulnerable when open.

Do the same to the other side and take out the other two coress to face the real boss.

The boss moves from left to right and back. and shoots a blue ring of fire that can be destroyed.

Aim at the boss's core as it passes above you until you defeat the boss.

Mission complete.

Area 3: Waterfall

Time to make an upward climb. In a 2-player game, this is where teamwork is put to the test because it is easy to kill the other player if you climb up too fast.

Watch out for rocks that come out the holes as you venture up.

The sniper can be killed easily with the Spread Gun or Flame gun from afar and slightly below.

This enemy will shoot a bullet in the air that will explode in three pieces.

Watch out for the cannon and the enemy coming from behind.

The fire won't be much trouble if...

You get this Barrier powerup successfully out the left pod.

It renders you invulnerable to damage from everything except falling. In a 2-player game, the one without the barrier has to dodge the flames on the bridge.

Jump on these moving platforms to continue your upward climb.

You will have to use the platform to go up via the right side.

Duck as soon as you get to the top of the right hill and kill the mounted cannon so you don't get shot from out of nowhere.

Ignore the machine gun and wait for the platform to come to you.

Take out any enemies that are still nearby and in the way.

You are nearing home stretch at the top.

At the top you face the boss. Aim at the red tips at the ends of each arm.

Avoid the flames carefully.

When the boss opens its mouth, it will shoot three flames downward.

Once one arm is down, go for the other one.

Stand off center to the left or right of the boss's mouth and you can fire at it while avoiding the boss's fire.

The boss will eventually be defeated.