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Contra Walkthrough Area 1: Jungle

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The adventure begins. Start shooting the moment you are able to move so you can pick off enemies as they come from the right.

You can choose to kill this guy below now, leave him be or get the weapon out of that pod and kill him afterwards. Just aim down/right and you can shoot at that angle while running.

The Machine Gun fires continuously as long as the shot button is held.

Saves you the trouble of constant button pressing. The pod coming from the left contains the Rapid fire gun. It increases the rate of fire to the current weapon.

Watch out for the guy below.

Shoot the pod then take out the guy.

The exploding bridge will not kill you when it blows up but it's best to stay on higher ground instead of running around in the water.

You will also come across the second bridge.

Cross it safely and beware of the cannon. It aims at cardinal or diagonal direction closest to you and fires. If you was in the water, the bullets would be hard to dodge.

This pod contains a Spread Gun.

This enables you to fire in multiple directions and this will be the MVW (Most Valuable Weapon) for this game.

This is the Flame Gun.

It sends two fireballs spinning around in a circle. It can actually hit enemies that normally can't be hit by crouching fire.

This enemy gun can only aim forward adjust to the diagonally upward. It can't shoot straight up or aim behind it.

This is where the Flame Gun is useful, crouch and fire at the cannon as the bullets sail over you.

Time to get the Spread Gun back.

Jump over the gap and collect it.

One pod contains the Laser but you don't really want this gun in this game. The problem with the Laser is that even though it's the most powerful in the game, it will reset itself when rapidly fired. So if you use Turbo, it is useless.

Jump over this next gap and...

take out the next mounted canon.

Defeat this directional cannon now.

Then take out the next one so it won't give you trouble during the upcoming boss fight.

I don't suggest doing what I did here in this screenshot unless you have the Spread Gun and fast fingers so you can run straight up to the core and fire at it like hell and destroy it in two to three seconds before you get killed by the cannon bullets above. The conventional method is to kill the enemy at the top then stand on the platform that is level with the cannons so their shots can't hit you. Just stand there and destroy them then destroy the core.

The boss is defeated. As you can see what I did in the previous shot, I went straight for the core and destroyed it and in the process I killed everyone else without dealing with them.