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Contra Walkthrough Area 6: Energy Zone

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Aim upwards as shoot the enemies as you jump.

Once again, shoot these guys from a different plane.

These flames will shoot out when you get close to them.

The first one is tricky to avoid since you can't make the jump over the gap on the lower plane so you must go through it at the higher one.

Deal with all the enemies below before dropping down to avoid the next flame.

After this flame, get ready to avoid the flames that attack in a pattern.

The low flame is long so duck early.

The flames go off in a low middle high pattern.

Drop down and take on the next pattern.

Shoot the sniper then...

Get ready for another tricky area.

Wait for the lower flame to retract after the upper one reaches its full retraction then drop down and jump up quickly.

Take the high road here and run when the flame goes up.

Shoot everyone below again and drop down to ge through safely.

Duck this time and kill these guys and still in the middle.

When the floor changes color, the boss is coming.

Shoot at him every chance you get.

It might not look like it but you can jump over the boss when it approaches you.

When he jumps, the boss might throw a disk.

The boss's pants will turn red when he is almost dead.

Now off to the Hangar.