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Contra Walkthrough Area 7: Hangar

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These claws come down in intervals and will kill you upon touching you.

Take the higher row and pay attention to the patern and break through carefully.

Keep taking the high road and ignore the mine cart. It can kill you if it runs you over but you can ride on it too. It is too much of a hassle though.

Shoot the guy on top first then continue.

Proceed carefully because walls of spikes rise up out of the floor unexpectedly. Shoot them away before moving on.

There are more spiked walls but they are fixed into place and also must be shot away.

Once again, take the high road.

That way you avoid another troublesone mine cart.

At the end, you must shoot away the surprise wall by standing between the second and third claw for safety.

Get this barrier and you can run forward a long while uninterrupted.

Nothing can stop you now so you can run through these minecarts.

You can even take the low road and jump up through the claws.

There are three surprise spiked walls here.

These claws come down in set patterns. It's easy to get through but...

You got to deal with the surprise spike walls.

Then you got to deal with a mounted rocket and guys coming from the back firing bullets.

Use the spread gun to get these guys carefully. Otherwise, proceed carefully.

The boss is actually those two panels below that lob bullet bombs at you. If you got fast fingers you can aim at that core above the door and kill it quickly just like you did in the first level.

Off to the last level we go.