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Contra Walkthrough Area 5: Snow Field

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In the Famicom version, the snow blows in the foreground. watch out for grenades coming out from the background as you shoot these guys with mounted rockets.

Other enemies will join the fray at random intervals and shoot bullets.

You don't need this Machine Gun. Hold Down on the keypad and press the jump button to drop to the lower level and move on.

Be sure to shoot thse guys when on a diffrent plane than them so they won't be much of a hassle as they take multiple shots to destroy.

Shoot this guy from above and avoid the grenades before moving on.

There is a falcon power-up in one of the pods that kills everyone on screen.

Kill any enemies coming from behind so they won't shoot at yo.

This miniboss takes many hits to defeat.

Be sure to have a powerful weapon because you are cutting it close with the normal gun should you be unfortunate to have it.

When the minboss is close to death, it will change color. Don't let up.

Get on the upper platform before dealing with this guy.

You meet the miniboss. Defeat it like before.

After a few more of these guys and grenades before the end of the level.

The boss's bombs can be shot away so aim up and shoot at the center and you can attack this boss with no problem until...

The boss sends its goons to you. Step a little to the off center to deal with them and avoid the boss's attacks. Eventually the boss will vanish and reappear elsewhere and repeats the process.

When you shoot it enough times, it dies an off to the Energy Zone.