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Contra Walkthrough Area 8: Alien's Lair

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If you are playing the Japanese version, the stage is actually animated.

Grab the barrier and proceed with no problem.

The mini aliens are no theat when invincible.

The larva can be shot dead easily by running agains the eggwall and shooting diagonal upward.

Kill any mini aliens that come out after you then go back after the larva.

Proceed slowly and kill all the pods you see one at a time. These are the only enemies you will see from here on out till the final boss.

These walking fingers are part of the final boss which is straight ahead. Kill the last twp pod enemies then worry about the boss.

Shoot away at this egg sacks until they are destroyed but watch out for the walking fingers that come out.

Once you defeat one, fingers stop coming out that spot.

It's best to take out the bottom ones first then take on the upper left one.

Nothing you can do about the upper right one. Aim for the heart and destroy it.

Congrats. You beat the game.

Exclusive shot from the Japanese version's ending.

Exclusive shot from the Japanese version's ending 2.

Ending Shot.

Ending shot 2.

Exclusive shot from the Japanese version's ending 3.

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