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Crysis Warhead Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Call Me Ishmael

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You will start off the chapter at the VTOL crash site. Follow the rest of the teammates that have survived the crash, and make your way out of the forest, away from the crash site.

After getting away from the crash site, you will have to make your way and join up with the Sierra airstrike team.

Once you've joined up with the Sierra airstrike team, you will have to head over to the beach resort.

You can choose to approach the KPA base and secure it without getting spotted by enemies guarding it, or you can just go loud and start taking out all the enemy guards.

After taking out the enemy guards from the KPA base, some reinforcements will appear. Take them out as fast as possible.

Once you've dealt with the enemy reinforcements, start searching for a missile launcher in one of the houses from the beach resort and once you've found one, take out the remaining enemy tanks around the beach.

After securing the KPA base and destroying the enemy tanks, a cutscene will start playing showing one of your teammates getting attacked by enemy jets and crash into the forest.

The chapter will come to an end once the cutscene's over.