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Crysis Warhead Walkthrough Chapter 2 - Shore Leave

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You will begin the chapter in a forest.

Head over to the plane crash site and secure the camera.

On your way there, you are going to come across some enemy soldiers, take them out and keep on going.

Once you've reached the crash site, take out the remaining enemies and retrieve the camera.

After retrieving the camera, you will have to rendezvous with O'Neil.

Once you've met up with O'Neil, make sure both of you reach the rally point safely before the VTOL arrives to extract O'Neil.

On your way to the rally point, you will come across a few enemy vehicles. Use your mounted machine gun to take them out as quickly as possible and protect O'Neil's vehicle from the enemy fire.

Once you've made it to the rally point, you will have to secure VTOL's landing zone by taking out all the enemy soldiers, so they can take-off safely.

After helping the VTOL take-off by securing the landing zone, you will have to infiltrate the enemy harbor.

Use the cloak mode to infiltrate inside the harbor without getting noticed and head over to the KPA's tactical network to download their secret data.

Once you've finished downloading the data, fight your way to the submarine and get onboard before it leaves.

After boarding on the submarine, Psycho will get captured by Colonel Lee and his soldiers. The chapter will come to an end afterwards.