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Crysis Warhead Walkthrough Chapter 7 - All The Fury

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You will begin the chapter on the shore, right next to the river you've jumped in after trying to destroy the container.

Find a way inside the airfield without getting spotted.

Once you've made it inside the airfield, locate the container, which is going to be in front of the main hanger, guarded by a lot of KPA soldiers.

After reaching the main hanger, take out all the KPA soldiers guarding the container.

Once you've secured the container, you will have to make your way to the control tower and contact the VTOL for extraction. However, on your way there you are going to come across a few enemy tanks, use your missile launcher to take them out and try not to get too close to them before blowing them up.

Use the radio equipment located in the control tower to contact the VTOL.

As Psycho calls for extraction, a huge Ceph Warrior will appear.

You will have to head over to the crashed C-18A aircraft and retrieve the Plasma Accumulator Cannon, which will allow you to take out Ceph Warrior faster.

After retrieving the Plasma Accumulator Cannon, start shooting it at the Ceph Warrior while he opens his Molecular Arrestor to fire at you.

Once you've destroyed the Ceph Warrior, head back to the container and wait for the VTOL extraction.

However, as soon as the VTOL arrives for extraction, Colonel Lee will make his presence as well and ask you to give him the container.

As soon as the VTOL takes off, Psycho will jump in and start a fight against Colonel Lee.

Psycho will win the fight and throw Colonel Lee on the ground to get killed by the Ceph Warrior.

O'Neil and Psycho will fly back to the USS Constitution afterwards and the chapter will come to an end.

Credits will appear once the chapter has ended.

That was my Crysis Warhead walkthrough guide, I hope you found it helpful.