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Crysis Warhead Walkthrough Chapter 6 - From Hell's Heart

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You are going to start the chapter on the train which is carrying the container.

Take out the KPA soldiers guarding the container and head over to the machine guns mounted on the train.

As the train makes its way further away, you will come across more KPA soldiers and you will have to face off enemy vehicles and helicopters on your own without dying. Use the machine guns mounted on the train to take out the enemy vehicles and helicopters faster.

The train is going to make a short stop in a train station, head over to the station's control tower and disable the train, so the container can get extracted by a friendly VTOL.

On your way to the control tower, you are going to come across a few enemies, take them out and keep on going.

Once you've made your way up in the control tower, you are going to notice that the switches have been broken. You will have to hurry up and head back down to the train before it leaves.

At some point, the train is going to reach a swamp and the Ceph troopers will begin to attack you. Take them out using the mounted machine gun and make sure you reach the bridge safely.

After reaching the bridge, the train carrying the container will have to stop because of the other train blocking the way.

A cutscene will start playing, showing Psycho planting some C4 explosives on the bridge and wait for O'Neil to come and extract the container.

Unfortunately, Colonel Lee is going to make his presence faster than O'Neil.

Colonel Lee is going to send down a Nanosuit soldier to take care of Psycho and grab the detonator.

However, Psycho manages to drop the soldier into the water and grab the detonator, unfortunately he will detonate the bridge right after Colonel Lee manages to fly away with the container. The chapter will come to an end afterwards.